War Hardcover

War Hardcover

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The final book in the Sekret Machines non-fiction series Gods, Man & War, written by Open Mind's 2017 UFO Researcher of the Year Tom DeLonge with renowned researcher Peter Levenda. 

With Gods, we asked the first question: Does our religion and our science give evidence that human civilization is a cargo cult, triggered by Contact sometime in prehistory?

With Man, we asked the second question: If we apply what we know of science – of physics, biology, and anthropology – to the Phenomenon, how will that change our science as well as our understanding of the Alien?

With War, we ask the final question: are the first two questions being addressed, or perhaps have already been answered, by our political, military, scientific, and intelligence leaders?

The United States, Russia, China, and other countries around the world have experienced Contact with the Phenomenon, as we will discover in
War. Americans demand that their leaders reveal what they know. They demand Disclosure. But what do our allies, and our enemies, know about the Phenomenon and why have they not already disclosed? Why is this an international issue, and not just an American one? And what does that tell us about the Phenomenon?

We will discover how studies of the Phenomenon in other countries as well as in the US are plagued by events that have no rational explanation. We will see how what should be scientific bleeds over into what should be religion, and how the fusion of both stimulate studies in consciousness, and how this aspect of a field that should be mundane has led to madness and suicide in some of our most prominent researchers, and mysterious deaths in others.

Will there be an alien invasion? Has it already happened? Are the governments of the world prepared for contact with “the government of the sky”?

Are we ready for War?

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