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Deluxe Graphic Novel Hardcover + CD

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” …Stunning, filled with a kinetic energy. …A comic series to look out for.” – NERDIST

“Just visually amazing, completely beautiful. I came away wanting more right away.” – GRAPHIC POLICY

Simultaneously a graphic novel and art collector book, this edition compiles original, never before seen concept designs behind the Poet Anderson Universe from the comic and film industries’ most talented artists. All of this stunning artwork is presented along side an extensive, 12 page conversation with Tom DeLonge about the creative process and inspirations behind his work.

Also included inside is an exclusive physical CD of the instrumental Poet Anderson soundtrack album, The Dream Walker, by Angels & Airwaves.

Written by Tom Delonge & Ben Kull 
Story Illustration by Djet 
Cover Art by Gus Mendonca 
Concept Design and Original Artwork from: Sergio & Edgar Martins, Gus Mendonca, Mike Henry, Jared Purrington, Gerald Parel, Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Djet, & Bengal

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