My Newest Obsession

My Newest Obsession

Hello there-

I was up late last night researching a subject I have been obsessed with for about 12 months now. If I were to just tell you what it is you would laugh out loud.

You would never guess that there is potentially more evidence for this one phenomenon than there is for UFOs. At this point, hopefully, I have proved to many of you that I may sound crazy, but I do know what I am talking about when it comes to some of life’s greatest oddities. I am passionate that they should be taken more seriously both academically and in the court of public opinion.

I am no stranger to being laughed at for my ideas and passions. Blink-182 wasn’t taken seriously in the beginning, but is now considered one of the most influential rock bands of all time. The public also skewered me for wanting to research UFOs with serious rigor and respect. Now I am invited to speak in places like the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit about how I was able to conquer the stigma and bring prestigious people together to change the world's perception of what unidentified aerial phenomena are, or could be.

But my curiosity does not stop there. It is even more insatiable now that I have a greater belief that these things are real. I am electrified like a nuclear lighting bolt to bring them to the forefront of pop culture.

Back to my newest obsession. A mirage-like blackened shadow that peers into your window at night. An apparition appearing in historical legends written over thousands of years on every continent. Native American records about people-snatching and cannibalism. It smells of rotting flesh, it can disappear at will, or become completely physical. Disturbing to say the least.

The US Government has researched this phenomenon and there is potential genetic evidence that scientists are finding difficult to decode. There are many firsthand reports of this paranormal mystery continually popping up all over the world. There are thermal, infrared, and radio frequency recordings with multiple PhD academics trying to understand its motivations, whereabouts, and genesis.

To The Stars has hired a great screenwriter who is developing a feature film script about this very topic called The Wildmen. But you may know this mystery by another name, Bigfoot. I am so excited about it.

Help me create an entertaining story to show what this thing is, what it is doing, and what it means for our understanding of who we are and WHAT we are.


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