The Curse of Superstition Mountain Hardcover

The highly anticipated debut of the investigative adventures of the Strange Times crew written by Tom DeLonge!  The Curse of Superstition Mountain Don't F**king Die is a 28 page full color, hardcover book that follows Charlie, Mettheson, Wiz, Riley and Mouse as they locate and document paranormal activity.  

With plenty of profanity, mom jokes and urine, this title is intended for (iM)Mature audiences only.

Strange Times: The Curse of Superstition Mountain Don't F**king Die serves as a prelude to the full length Strange Times novel written by Tom DeLonge and award winning author Geoff Herbach slated for Summer 2016.

Written By: Tom DeLonge

Illustrated By: Edgar Martins, Sergio Martins & Carina Morias ...the same award winning team that brought you Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker animated short!

Book Options:
 - Hardcover Edition
: Regular hardcover book
 - Bookplate Edition: Signed bookplate from Tom DeLonge

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