Angels and Airwaves

The Dream Walker CD/DVD + Graphic Novel

Side One - Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker
Full color universal DVD of Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Animated Short
32 Page Comic based on the short film
Side Two - Angels & Airwaves: The Dream Walker
Angels and Airwaves "The Dream Walker" CD
12 pages of exclusive photos of the band and hand written lyrics, featuring hidden photos and text from the Poet Screenplay
The Dream Walker Digital Album (MP3/WAV)
Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Animation MP4
1. Teenagers & Rituals 3:53 
2. Paralyzed 4:10
3. The Wolfpack 3:54 
4. Tunnels 4:10 
5. Kiss With A Spell 4:36 
6. Mercenaries 4:37 
7. Bullets In The Wind 4:03 
8. The Disease 3:57 
9. Tremors 3:55 
10. Anomaly 2:53

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