Newsweek: Why Is Tom DeLonge Writing a Bunch of YA Novels? A Q&A

When Tom DeLonge left Blink-182 behind in a haze of drama to focus on vaguely defined "commitments," the guitarist/singer might have been grossly understating things.

DeLonge, best known for his work with Blink as well as fronting Angels & Airwaves, is now releasing the first of 15 novels he plans to co-write with various authors. Poet Anderson...Of Nightmares, a fictional meditation on the power of the subconscious state, revolves around a lucid-dreaming character DeLonge introduced with the 2014 animated short Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

Cowritten with novelist Suzanne Young, the book indulges DeLonge's longtime interest in the supernatural and will be followed by two sequels, plus a short film starring Tyler Posey. Then he'll team up with four other authors, producing a separate trilogy with each of them, each of which will be accompanied by an original EP soundtrack. 


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