To The Stars Crowdfunding Campaign Celebrates Successful Launch

To The Stars Crowdfunding Campaign Celebrates Successful Launch

To The Stars Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Blink-182/Angels & Airwaves’ Tom DeLonge Celebrates Successful Launch

Global Recognition of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Video Footage Fuels Momentum

Encinitas, CA – (May 25, 2022) – Investor momentum is building for To The Stars Inc.’s Reg A crowdfunding campaign, fueled by a recent uptick in global attention to videos of official military footage depicting encounters with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) given to To The Stars and highlighted in last week’s government hearings.

Founded in 2017 by platinum-selling musician Tom DeLonge from Blink-182/Angels & Airwaves, former senior CIA officer Jim Semivan, and physicist Dr Hal Puthoff, To The Stars is raising up to $30 million for the globally diversified media and entertainment company to support its collaboration between academia, industry, and pop culture to advance society’s imagination, curiosity and understanding of scientific phenomena and other mysteries of the universe. Proceeds will support future To The Stars’ entertainment initiatives, including content across music, tv, film, books, and merchandise through its wholly owned subsidiary To The Stars Media Inc. 

Major media coverage of the video footage in outlets such as ABC-News and NBC-News highlighted the UAP encounters and reported on last week’s government hearings on the subject as breaking news. The videos were originally cleared and approved for public release to create credibility around a notoriously convoluted and uncredible topic, and the New York Times independently verified and covered the story in a front-page expose published in conjunction with research for To The Stars’ book series, Sekret Machines. High-level briefings conducted by its team members are also documented in HISTORY’s Unidentified and led to the official creation of the U.S. Government UAP Task Force to investigate the phenomena.

"The talks between the military and Congress are indeed heartening. The more Congress is able to learn about UAPs and its various aspects, the more it will begin to realize the overall complexity of this subject. This is not just a "nuts and bolts" issue," said Semivan.

To The Stars has forged relationships with experts at the highest levels of government, academia and science who have first-hand publicly available knowledge and unreleased government report. The company’s scientific advisory board is comprised of individuals from prestigious government agencies and academic institutions who lend vast knowledge and experience in support of its mission to offer informed storytelling where the line between science and science fiction is often blurred.

“Our long-standing entertainment skill set fuses pop-culture and communications expertise to craft the international narrative around the videos for years to come. We have eyewitness accounts and anecdotes from best-in-class trained observers like military fighter pilots who felt comfortable bringing their story to us because they trusted us to handle it with care,” said DeLonge. “The future holds exciting opportunities and we’re fascinated with the unexplained. I can't wait for investors to join me as we experience more fun adventures and change the way we view the world,” said DeLonge.

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