NERDIST: A Peek at Tom DeLonge's Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Comic

NERDIST: A Peek at Tom DeLonge's Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Comic

If you wondering what Tom Delonge was working on so passionately that he had to quit – or be fired from, depending on who you ask – Blink-182, then look no further, for the answer is coming to comic shops this March. Magnetic Press has released a sneak peek at DeLonge’s new comic book series, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, which serves as a tie-in to his recent animation project and the latest Angels & Airwaves album.



Set in a science fiction-influenced dreamscape, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker looks to be a big, epic story. We are told the comic follows Jonas and Alan Anderson, two slacker teens who discover a secret technique for lucid dreaming. The comic will trace the origin of Dream Walker, Poet. DeLonge has hinted that his is all part of a much larger project, although what form that will take exactly is still unclear.



DeLonge certainly isn’t the first musician to jump into the comic book realm – doubtful he’ll be the last, either – but you can’t deny that his new project looks pretty damn cool. This can largely be attributed to the gorgeous artwork being produced by artist Djet. The preview pages we caught a glimpse of are stunning, filled with a kinetic energy. If the story carries well, and it looks like it does, this will be a comic series to look out for. The first issue of Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker drops in March, so makes sure you head to your local comic book shop and have them order you a copy.



What do you think? Does Tom DeLonge have a cool concept on his hands here, or would you rather he just jumped back into the studio with Blink-182?




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