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The TTSA Talks Podcast

In the next installment of our TTSA Talks initiative, we are excited to introduce the TTSA Talks Podcast. We kick things off with TTSA co-founder Tom DeLonge hosting a series of conversations about the UAP data problem.

The first three episodes are dedicated to deconstructing the reasons for the current data problem and how we can design a roadmap to higher quality information, collaborative data-sharing, detecting fake media and identifying obvious explanations that will then allow us to unleash artificial intelligence on truly anomalous events to expose patterns.

In episode one, Tom speaks with Luis Elizondo, TTSA’s Director of Special Programs, about the challenges that governments and organizations face with data collection. Luis shares some of the exciting developments that are underway that could exponentially improve TTSA’s ability to answer a very important question: What is really going on in our skies?

In episode two, Tom speaks with Chris Mellon, TTSA Advisor and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence with 20 years in the federal government under Clinton and Bush. They discuss the lack of hard data in regard to the UAP phenomenon, the inherent difficulty of getting the government's attention and how TTSA's SCOUT and VAULT projects will tackle both of these challenges head on.

In episode three, Tom takes a deep dive into artificial intelligence and future solutions to address the UAP data challenges with Joe Schurman, TTSA’s Technology Advisor. Joe has provided software engineering services for Microsoft Research, NASA (within the White Sands Missile Testing Facility and Johnson Space Centre), DoD and USDA amongst many other organizations and has spent over 25 years in the technology industry. He currently leads Cloud Product Engineering Services as a Partner at PwC.

All three podcast episodes are now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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