Sekret Machines: MAN Book Signing in Encinitas and Live Signing online

Posted by Ryan Carlson on

Join us for TWO book signings on Sunday November 3rd!

Can't make it to Encinitas for our in-store signing? Tune in to our Live Signing online November 3rd from 12-1pm PST. Authors Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda will be signing Sekret Machines: MAN, answering fan questions and discussing themes in the book with moderator Jim Semivan, co-founder of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. Make sure to pre-order your signed book here and comment a question below for Tom and Peter to answer!

Enjoy a Sunday afternoon at To The Stars with Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda while they sign books to celebrate the release of their new hardcover, Sekret Machines: MAN, the second volume of the non-fiction Gods, Man, & War series.

The signing will take place at the To The Stars flagship store in Encinitas, CA on November 3rd at 2pm. To receive your wristband to attend, you must purchase the book, Sekret Machines Vol 2: MAN from To The Stars. You have the option to buy the book in the retail store on the day of the event or you can bring in your receipt if purchased in advance on our website, ToTheStars.Media. The store will have extended hours and open early that morning at 8am to distribute wristbands.

While you wait for the signing to start, use the new TTS interactive photobooth where you can enter for a chance to win a signed Gibson guitar PLUS get exclusive access to our 2019 holiday products before they are released online.
Leave your question for Peter Levenda and Tom DeLonge below in the comment section.

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  • You guys are my Hermes.. some very odd things have been happening with my life and others around me after digging into this stuff. The technology comming out around the world is unbelieveable and most people domt even know. I’ve never been a ufo guy much less a believer in the bible… I feel like something has happened and continues to happen every day that i cant explain. I’m even pondering becomming a preacher and have been digesting info at a almost obsessive rate. The truth is out there, just look for it.

    Scotty on
  • Tom,
    I’m a fellow musician and have always been super interested in all things space, alien and guitars. I just wanted to say thanks for the work you do. I’m almost finished with Sekret Machines Volume 1. Love it! Can you tell me how I can sign up for the autographed guitar and what is the interactive photo booth? Thanks!

    Keith Watson on
  • Tom- since coming back from touring and recording a new record and getting back into music more, do you have any pointers for myself as a 22 year old musician trying to get my music out and noticed more?
    P.s Thank you for signing my valkrys book a few months back wishing my mom the best when she fought her cancer battle i look at it when i need to smile on the bad days Your the best!

    Josh myers on
  • Will you elaborate on the purpose of creativity and how it is linked to consciousness?

    Kyle Buckland on
  • Hello Tom,
    Might there be any work in the future to involve children to partake in any projects with you!? I am doing my Masters program right now, and would love to get a younger generation enthusiastic about your work and your message! The way you write your lyrics is mind-blowing…would you consider writing “childrens” books!?

    Sobia Khan on
  • I really enjoyed the first two books! Did they ever find Alan Young?? Also, are the future feature films going to be covering these books at all?

    Eric Louis on

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