Overcoming The Challenges Of ADAM Testing

Overcoming The Challenges Of ADAM Testing

The ADAM Research Project is a valuable opportunity for TTS Academy to gain insight into revolutionary technologies and concepts by scientifically testing possibly anomalous material.

To ensure we aren’t missing any subtle clues, we are collecting material from across the United States and are working to include international sources.   However, casting a net that large introduces various challenges.  We expect there will be data ambiguities and uncertainties.  We also anticipate some information to be irrelevant or even misleading.  Some will argue that we are wasting time testing materials that have already been examined and have been proven to be of no interest.  Others will question when we decide to test materials acquired from less-than-reliable sources. 

Despite the daunting scope of the challenges we face, TTS Academy has structured the study to ensure objectivity in our search and analysis:

  • We must look at every possible clue– All too often, our brain’s information filter, which allows us to focus on what is truly pertinent at any given time, subconsciously cuts out critical information. This can result in two things we cannot tolerate: missing important clues and making decisions from incomplete information. 
  • We assume nothing– One of the greatest susceptibilities we have as humans are the assumptions of our subconscious and the experiences that shape our understanding of how things work. Achieving a breakthrough is more likely to come when you approach a problem with a completely open mind.
  • We are using the most recent technologies and equipment available– Technology modernizes at an exponential pace. Today’s equipment has greater sensitivity and accuracy than older equipment from just a few years ago. Therefore, it is worthwhile to retest material that had previously been tested with ambiguous results.
  • We are using third party labs to supplement our testing– Our use of outside labs allows us to expand the scope of our testing as well as give us independent verification. We limit the amount of information we provide them to avoid unintentionally biasing their findings.
  • We will use only facts in our studies– We are holding firm to the scientific approach and letting the data guide our path of discovery. In light of the fact that the provenance of most materials cannot be proven, we must have definitive proof of their uniqueness and attributes as we search for their possible function.

TTS Academy is committed to The ADAM Research Project being structured so it can provide us with substantiated and verifiable data.  There are challenges we face in this endeavor, but even the smallest win has the chance to reveal revolutionary insights into what technology is enabling the incredible flight performances we are witnessing.  

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