Shitty Helmets X To The Stars... Biltwell Helmets

Shitty Helmets X To The Stars... Biltwell Helmets

To The Stars is excited to release a collaboration fit for motorheads and art fanatics. We teamed up with Joey Landeis and Gio Tobar of Shitty Helmets to create TTS custom painted Biltwell Helmets with removable bubble shields. These are one of a kind, TTS branded helmets complete with our distinctive vintage/astro aesthetic. As these are custom pieces, this original collaboration is a limited edition with just 5 original helmets available to purchase.

Like many fellow riders, our founder Tom Delonge got into the motorcycle scene as a way to escape, go fast, and disconnect. Cruising on a bike reminded Tom of his first obsession, skateboarding. The fast, wind on your face feeling gave him a way to experience relief from his busy lifestyle while traveling up the California coast. It quickly became an influential part of his life and inspired this collaboration with Shitty Helmets.

Joey Landeis is Art Director for an automotive ad agency by day, and artist for Shitty Helmets by night. Each helmet is intricately designed and painted by hand. These are true art pieces with the functionality of an everyday helmet. The Biltwell Helmets used as the canvas meet the ECE R22.05 motorcycle standards so you are not only safe and comfortable, but also look slick while riding. The removable bubble shields are scratch, impact, and fog-resistant while adding a unique, vintage look to the average helmet.

These exclusive pieces are made to ride in style. When you walk away with a custom Shitty Helmets X To The Stars helmet, you’ll know you have the only one on the road.

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