Angels and Airwaves-The Dream Walker CD/DVD Boxset-To The Stars...


The Dream Walker CD/DVD Boxset

*Free Gift with purchase! Get a preview of the "Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker" comic book by Magnetic Press!

The Dream Walker Limited Ed. Boxset:
        A 2-sided hardcover book packaged in a slip case
  • Side One - Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker
    • Full color universal DVD of Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Animated Short
    • 32 Page Comic based on the short film
  • Side Two - Angels & Airwaves: The Dream Walker
    • Angels and Airwaves "The Dream Walker" CD (Not Blank Disc)
    • 12 pages of exclusive photos of the band and hand written lyrics, featuring hidden photos and text from the Poet Screenplay
    • 160 page Hard Cover AVA DREAM Journal
The Dream Walker Digital Album (MP3/WAV)
Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Animation MP4

1. Teenagers & Rituals 3:53 
2. Paralyzed 4:10
3. The Wolfpack 3:54 
4. Tunnels 4:10 
5. Kiss With A Spell 4:36 
6. Mercenaries 4:37 
7. Bullets In The Wind 4:03 
8. The Disease 3:57 
9. Tremors 3:55 
10. Anomaly 2:53

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