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Interview with Djet, the Man that Brought the Poet World to Life in The Dream Walker Comic Series

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Comic book artist and France native Djet has been an integral part of presenting the world of Poet Anderson through The Dream Walker series. His outstanding creativity and eye for detail have caught the attention of many and gained recognition in the expansive comic book world.  We at To The Stars... are extremely happy and excited to have him on our team. We got a chance to ask him a few questions, and have translated his answers from French for you here!

What attracted you to comic book art?

Above all, it is the design that attracts me. I was always fascinated by the atmosphere that could identify drawings. To tell a story through drawing, a vision of history, a particular angle, has become closely related to my work as an artist.

What is the process of creating a comic book like?

It is multifaceted. We must first be able to soak up the atmosphere of the project to a very strong identity. Understanding what the writers want to implement and then illustrate it as well as possible ☺. A world as vast as Poet Anderson is a big challenge, I hope to be successful in capturing even part.

Was this something you always knew you wanted to do - like when you were little, you said - I want to be a comic book artist?

Um, actually, since I was little I wanted to do that. Very confusing way for a kid that is only 6 years old, in any case. I was little and used to draw with my older sister, who did paintings for her school exercises. I was fascinated and it never left me since.

What were your favorite comic books growing up?

Undoubtedly, Dragon Ball manga. Then I grew up with Franco Belge, classics like Tintin and Asterix. My taste has evolved into the comics, even recently (yes because I continue to grow) of Sean Murphy and Tocchini, nothing very original really. I could not give you the complete list of what I like; there would not be enough room for the interview!

What are some of your favorite comic book artists?

I can't even say exactly who ... I had Japanese artist Koji Morimoto and Range Murata. Urusawa, the author of 21th Boy who put me in an incredible snap, his directing and the way he told the story simultaneously. I keep workign with Sean Murphy, whenever I'm asked to work with him, it gives me chills still today.

Do you work in other mediums or is there another genre of art you like to work in as well?

Making illustration remains a great pleasure for me. To take time and tell the story slowly, is nice. I do a little amateur photography too.

As you know we are all heavily inspired by music over here, do you have a favorite band you listen to while drawing?

Harper, le top pour moi!

Not surprising, it all depends on my mood at the time. It is so intense, but sometimes, it distracts me !! But sometimes it's Ben Howard and Gren Sémé (a group of my island) which leads me wherever I needed to go. But for what always moves me, it's Ben Harper, the top for me.

What other things do you do to get in the “zone” while working? Loud music, candles, complete silence?

It all depends on my energy. I like having my designer friends by voice conference. While working at home, we can share our work and criticize. Otherwise, a TV series in the background while working, helps me to create a white noise and allows me to focus. I really need quiet to channel me, but my energy in all directions.

Your use of light in your drawings is very notable and there seems to be no detail overlooked - where does this attention come from?

I'm still a novice in this field. The light can reveal the shadows and reveal more of the drawing. It creates an incredible atmosphere. In any case, this is a direction that I want to explore more in the future.

What was the name of the first comic project you ever worked on?

With the potential to get signed? EMA was the project, my first collaboration with a friend. The first one missed too. Later we successfully signed our first album, Island Puki.

How did you come to work on this project with Tom and Magnetic Press?

With a phone call. I was called to replace another designer. I did not had time to ask questions, it was going very fast! a drawing Poet and Jonas to show my interpretations and the adventure started. Life is strange!

What was it like working with Tom?

Although we were both very busy working on mutliple projects, he would inform me that he likes my work and that I have almost no retouching to do (haha)! But overall, it was very cool. He knows what he wants and I do what I can to honor his universe.

Do you relate to any of the characters? If so, who and why? If not, why not?

Yes, Alan. I got to know him and to appreciate much in his role of big brother. Although in the end, he suffered more than they control in this universe.

What do you dream about? Ever have a reccuring dream?

Flying is my recurring dream. They are rare because it depends on my energy. If I feel well or not. But when it happens, it's a big delirium!

You are noted as being a talented up and coming artist in this world. What are the next steps after the Poet series?

Haha, I have not had much time to think about what happens after, I prepared a project with a French writer and seems very well received but nothing definitive. Anyway I get to rest a little bit after Poet if possible.

What is your favorite movie and why?

Le baron de munchausen. I love the fantasy that mingles with reality.

Do you believe in aliens and UFOs? If so why? If not, why not?

Yes ! Why not ☺

Bigfoot, real or fake?

I think big men with a lot hair is really possible!

Have you ever seen a ghost?

No, thankfully !! I have very very afraid no doubt because I love and I am terrified by the supernatural. That is why I would love to continue working on things that deal with that.


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