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Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Issue 2

Tomorrow Magnetic Press will be releasing digitally the second issue of Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. This series was created by Tom DeLonge whom is the founder and frontrunner of the bands Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves. Issue number two was written by Tom DeLonge and Ben Kull with artwork by Djet.

Issue #2 contains a special back-matter section that details the history and development of the award winning animated short: POET ANDERSON: DREAM WALKER. It also includes never before seen original concept art and character designs from the film’s brother-duo of exceptional animators, Sergio and Edgar Martins.

Tom Delonge_Development of_Poet Anderson-Dream Walker

The story outline for Poet Anderson: Dream Walker is Jonas and Alan Anderson return to the Dream World, only to find themselves caught in an ageless battle between the rag-tag, mercenary Dream Walkers and the mysterious, evil REM, whose plans to take over the Waking World set his focus on young Jonas.

Issue #2 of Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker will be released digitally tomorrow through Comixology and the physical copy will be released the following week June 17th and will be available in stores.



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