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Project Nerd's New Comics Wednesday

  • Tess Passero


Although it gets a key point about Seattle wrong—no one here would be caught dead using an umbrella, even in the worst of downpours—Poet Anderson: Dreamwalker (Magnetic Press) is an enjoyable read and a solid, if maybe unintentional, nod to Windsor McCay’s Little Nemo strip. Even though some of the dialogue challenges the suspension of disbelief, the overall premise—two brothers whose ability to travel to a dream world in their sleep stops being fun when shit gets too real and the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur—allows for a lot of room to do some world building and take some chances. Also worth noting, artist Djet does an incredible job with this book and really sets a high artistic bar for other independent releases. Only two issues deep, it’s a perfect time to jump on board for what looks like is going to be a good series. Issue #2 comes out this week on ComiXology (issue #1 is already available) and will be available in print on 6/17.