TTS* Credited in Congressional Hearings on UAPs

The House of Representatives convened a landmark panel on unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAPs) on July 26th “in the most serious acknowledgement yet that mysterious sightings deserve scrutiny at the highest levels of government. Over the course of two hours, three witnesses shared their encounters with objects that defied physics and told of pilots afraid to speak up, biological material recovered from crafts, and alleged retaliation against whistleblowers. All acknowledged that anomalous phenomena were a potential national security threat.” Read more at BBC World News.

As part of the hearings the To The Stars* team and Tom DeLonge were acknowledged and credited with being the impetus for the effort of disclosure to begin.  The Congressional Hearing marks a milestone accomplishment in the mission of the company to change the conversation of UFOs by bringing serious scientific data to light and the most respected credible witnesses like Top Gun fighter jet commanders in front of influential legislatures and mainstream media for their stories to be heard and taken seriously.  See the clip below:





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