Sekret Machines: MAN Book Signing in Encinitas and Live Signing online

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Join us for TWO book signings on Sunday November 3rd!

Can't make it to Encinitas for our in-store signing? Tune in to our Live Signing online November 3rd from 12-1pm PST. Authors Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda will be signing Sekret Machines: MAN, answering fan questions and discussing themes in the book with moderator Jim Semivan, co-founder of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. Make sure to pre-order your signed book here and comment a question below for Tom and Peter to answer!

Enjoy a Sunday afternoon at To The Stars with Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda while they sign books to celebrate the release of their new hardcover, Sekret Machines: MAN, the second volume of the non-fiction Gods, Man, & War series.

The signing will take place at the To The Stars flagship store in Encinitas, CA on November 3rd at 2pm. To receive your wristband to attend, you must purchase the book, Sekret Machines Vol 2: MAN from To The Stars. You have the option to buy the book in the retail store on the day of the event or you can bring in your receipt if purchased in advance on our website, ToTheStars.Media. The store will have extended hours and open early that morning at 8am to distribute wristbands.

While you wait for the signing to start, use the new TTS interactive photobooth where you can enter for a chance to win a signed Gibson guitar PLUS get exclusive access to our 2019 holiday products before they are released online.
Leave your question for Peter Levenda and Tom DeLonge below in the comment section.

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  • Hi Tom,

    Lifelong blink and AVA fan here, but I’m also a biologist and believer in extra terrestrials. My question is that considering the huge implications for science that disclosure would have, for you personally, what do you think could be the most world changing aspect if indeed aliens do exist?

    Ashley Short on
  • Any thoughts of making these books into a series for TV?

    DANism DEATH on
  • Tom,

    What are your thoughts on Edward Snowden stating he did not locate any files on government and extraterrestrial interaction or proof of existence? He also evidently did not find any information on AATIP and we all know that it exist.

    Bradley Edwards on
  • Hi Tom,do you remember me?We met last year in Rome during the UFO event giving you a letter that you kindly give a post on instagram about it.
    I have tried to write you a letter and sending it to your Idyllwild,I don’t know if you received it,btw I see your are playing my probably fav ava song “heaven”,what’s the meaning for you of this song?
    I hope to hear from you soon,oh I am moving to Another house next week,changing my life,starting from zero.
    With so much esteem


    Rizziero on
  • In Book 1 Peter Levenda says that you will be taking a closer look at William Dudley Pelley and Arthur Young in book 2 but it doesn’t go into much detail. Will you be looking more into them in Book 3?
    Why the change of plans?

    Kain on
  • Does what you write in the nonfiction series of Sekret Machines affect what you write about in the fictional series or vice versa, or is there a different creative process behind each of the series?

    Melanie on
  • What would you consider the most compelling evidence to support asking questions about extraterrestrials existence?


    Corina Bakoylis on
  • Hello Mr. DeLonge,
    It can understandable that maybe we really aren’t alone in the massiveness of where we exist. From an Islamic point of view, there are several beings (man, angels, and jinns). What form of beings do you believe exist along side us that we are trying to find and get into contact with?

    Sobia Khan on
  • Is there any connections between ce-5 and the archons?

    Yolanda on
  • You’ve tied a lot of Greek Mythology to the phenomenon at this point. Is there any bearing to the myth where humans were torn in half by Zeus, destined to roam earth as “half of a whole” until reunited? This has given way to myths of soul mates and even “twin flames” who can communicate via telepathy, among other things. Very interested to see if you guys have any thoughts on this aspect of the multi-faceted phenomena? Thank you for all you are doing for humanity.

    Kaleen Dowdy on

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