Sekret Machines: MAN Book Signing in Encinitas and Live Signing online

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Join us for TWO book signings on Sunday November 3rd!

Can't make it to Encinitas for our in-store signing? Tune in to our Live Signing online November 3rd from 12-1pm PST. Authors Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda will be signing Sekret Machines: MAN, answering fan questions and discussing themes in the book with moderator Jim Semivan, co-founder of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. Make sure to pre-order your signed book here and comment a question below for Tom and Peter to answer!

Enjoy a Sunday afternoon at To The Stars with Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda while they sign books to celebrate the release of their new hardcover, Sekret Machines: MAN, the second volume of the non-fiction Gods, Man, & War series.

The signing will take place at the To The Stars flagship store in Encinitas, CA on November 3rd at 2pm. To receive your wristband to attend, you must purchase the book, Sekret Machines Vol 2: MAN from To The Stars. You have the option to buy the book in the retail store on the day of the event or you can bring in your receipt if purchased in advance on our website, ToTheStars.Media. The store will have extended hours and open early that morning at 8am to distribute wristbands.

While you wait for the signing to start, use the new TTS interactive photobooth where you can enter for a chance to win a signed Gibson guitar PLUS get exclusive access to our 2019 holiday products before they are released online.
Leave your question for Peter Levenda and Tom DeLonge below in the comment section.

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  • Question for Peter: For the past decade, you’ve released a book to two every year. Can you share your research/writing process that enables you to do this?

    Stephen Whitmore on
  • Hello Tom & Peter,

    Tom — As you’ve stayed, there will be an upcoming film AVA is working on along side a new album, can you give us any details about this new film!? Maybe a little tease on what it’s about or where the direction of the music is going in.

    Peter — How has it been during this whole process of writing this book vs SM-God?

    — Erica Etchechury

    Erica Etchechury on
  • Tom,

    Have you had any negative encounters(be it with the government, fans or outter world phenomena) while pursuing UFO’s and trying to find the truth?

    And what would you feel/do if somehow hard scientific and undeniable evidence came out that UFO’s and extraterrestrial stuff didn’t exist and never did?

    Jackson B on
  • Why so negative about conspiracies, Peter? Don’t you think that’s a bit ironic, to say the least?

    Mark on
  • Earth is very unique due to it’s polarized magnetic field, which plays a key role in our biology and spirituality. Not to mention it being an unlimited energy source and humans requiring the proper magnetic field for future space travel. Could a partial part of the Phenomena’s interaction/interests with our planet and species be due to this and do y’all think that consciousness is possibly tied to magnetic fields?

    Shelby Grimes on
  • Hi Tom and Peter, I have a question maybe one of you might have the answer to. Or a theory of your own. Where are these Tic Tac UAPs coming from? Since it seems to be reported they drop from high altitudes. As high as in Space to down below the ocean. And at one point over a week close to 100 of these were seen. It sounds like either they have base or bases somewhere? Underwater or in space.

    Josh on
  • Bello Tom and Peter..

    to Peter Levenda I have been hearing a lot of podcasts you’ve made over the past few years and I’ve learned a lot from them thanks for that. I would like to ask what do you think is the connection between the phenomenon and the occult and what part does someone like Madame Blatvasky plays in all of this?

    to Tom: I would like to ask what are the plans for TTSA, and what do you think the disclosure path will be? also, will it ever be a boxcar racer album again? for the fans? keep it up man. life’s waiting to begin.

    All the best from Costa Rica.

    kenneth gomez on
  • Tom,

    What do you think of Stanton Friedman’s work? Did he have any influence on you when you initially started researching the subject?

    Tyler Williams on
  • As a fellow Believer I just wanted to commend your hard work.

    I also wanted to know Misters Levenda and DeLonge’s opinion regarding alien life form that visit our planet. I gather that our interest as humans in them is mostly technology, what do you think is their interest in us (why visit us, study us)? Could it be something they lack in their society or something they do not have the propensity to do – the arts? Our unique/complex pathology?

    Aggy on
  • Hi Tom!
    Thank you for your faithful work in studying UFO/ UAP phenomenon and extraterrestrials and using your awesome personality and talents to share your findings with the rest of us! You were truly born to do this! Thank you also to you , Peter for all you’ve done!
    My questions center on religion, mainly Christianity.

    Are you familiar with the work of authors Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman? They have written about Alien Encounters from a Christian perspective.
    If so what are your ideas on the relationship between the Nephilim (Genesis 6:4, Numbers 13:33) and terrestrial beings? Are they one in the same? What is your overall perspective on the Christian perspective on Aliens?

    Thank you! Love you and all your music!

    Lizzy Rascati on

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