ROLLING STONE: Tom DeLonge Details New Novel 'Poet Anderson...Of Nightmares'

ROLLING STONE: Tom DeLonge Details New Novel 'Poet Anderson...Of Nightmares'

Tom DeLonge Rolling Stone

Rocker co-wrote dystopian thriller with renowned young adult author Suzanne Young

Tom DeLonge and best-selling author Suzanne Young will release their new book, and first in a planned trilogy, Poet Anderson… Of Nightmares, on October 6th via publisher Simon & Schuster.

Per a statement, the novel is set in "an unknown world where dreams meet reality and the chasm between the two sometimes disappears." It centers around two orphaned teenage brothers, Alan and Jonas, who try to rebuild their lives after their parents die in a plane crash.

While Alan scores a job at the hotel his parents used to work at, Jonas, the misfit of the two, tries to navigate the treacherous terrain of high school. Unknown forces, however, continue to batter the brothers, and after a freak accident leaves Alan in a coma, Jonas must combat enemies from a "dark nightworld" in order to save them both.

Poet Anderson... Of Nightmares is currently available to pre-order in a variety of multimedia packages — all of which include the companion EP by Angels and Airwaves — via DeLonge's production company, To the Stars.

DeLonge began plumbing the Poet Anderson world with the 2014 short animated film, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, as well as a comic book of the same name and the Angels and Airwaves LP, The Dream Walker. Young is a renowned young adult author and high school English teacher, whose previous novels — such as The Program and The Treatment— dabble in similar dystopian territory.

While DeLonge's tenure as a founding member of Blink-182 came to a tumultuous end at the beginning of the year, the guitarist immediately laid out plans for a busy 2015. In April the guitarist released his debut solo LP, To the Stars, teasing it as the first of four records that he would drop in 2015, along with another solo LP and two Angels and Airwaves records. DeLonge also noted that he was co-writing 15 novels with various authors, and that each one would be accompanied by an EP soundtrack.


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