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Los Angeles, CA (February 7, 2017) – It’s been a busy few days for multi-platinum-selling artist and bestselling author TOM DELONGE: less than a week after The Hollywood Reporter broke the news about his feature film directorial debut on the upcoming “Strange Times” movie, DeLonge is announcing the March 7th release of new non-fiction work, Sekret Machines: GODS (To The Stars…/Simon & Schuster).

Sekret Machines: GODS, which is available for pre-order by clicking HERE, sees DeLonge and co-author Peter Levenda taking readers on an eye-opening investigative journey to the heart of the UFO phenomenon. The book features a foreword by renowned scientist and author Dr. Jacques Vallee (film buffs know Vallee as the inspiration for the character of French researcher Lacombe in Steven Spielberg’s 1977 blockbuster, Close Encounters of the Third Kind).

“When Tom Delonge asked me to introduce this book, which constitutes a bold re-examination of the meaning and nature of unexplained aerial phenomena, I felt at the same time honored and challenged by the opportunity he offered, because the field has reached a crossroads,” says Vallee. “The sightings have been ignored by academics, summarily brushed off by politicians, censored by churches, classified by the military and ridiculed by the media. Yet the reports continue to come. The experience of the unknown has only deepened, raising unsettling questions about the intrusion of the uncanny in our shiny modern world of convenient machines and superficial entertainment.”

Sekret Machines: GODS is the result of input from scientists, engineers, intelligence officers, and military officials and transcends the speculation of journalists, historians and others whose conclusions are often either misinformed or only tease around the edges. The reader will not discover wild theories or unfounded claims, but instead will confront a solid—if often unsettling—reality, one that demands the collaboration of all of us in every field of human endeavor if we’re to understand and manage its effects. If nothing else, readers will come to the conclusion that the phenomenon is not what they think it is. It’s actually much more serious and potentially much more threatening than they can imagine.

Sekret Machines: Gods is the opening salvo on the complacency of human institutions where the UFO Phenomenon is concerned,” says Levenda. “It's designed to shake people up, to make them question their assumptions.  This book is not only a new take on the Phenomenon -- by treating it as a given -- but a new approach to religion that takes a hard look at religious texts and ideas from around the world to discern the traces of an event that changed us forever. We live at a unique moment in history, when both our religions and our science are directed heavenward:  when both the faithful and the scientists are mapping out the way to the stars.”

"Peter Levenda is more than an academic and researcher, he's a gifted communicator,” says DeLonge. “People will never know how much his early thoughts mattered in the Sekret Machines adventure. It was his ability to frame an esoteric thesis that gave me the ammunition to speak clearly on the subject matter, and that got me in the door."

Sekret Machines: GODS is the first of a three-volume investigative series, to be followed by upcoming editions Sekret Machines: Man and Sekret Machines: War. They follow last year’s bestselling fiction novel, Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows (co-written by DeLonge and AJ Hartley). The paperback edition of Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows will be released on February 28th and will include a foreword by Jim Semivan, a former Senior Intelligence Service officer in the CIA’s Clandestine Service. On February 25th at 5pm pst, Delonge, Levenda and Hartley will host a special Sekret Machines Q&A and signing at To The Stars headquarters in Encinitas, CA. Admission is free with the purchase of the 2017 Sekret Machines Essentials Book Bundle. Click HERE for more info.

About Tom DeLonge

Praised as "Alt-Rock's JK Rowling" Tom DeLonge is an award-winning producer, author, multi-platinum-selling recording artist and entrepreneur from San Diego, CA.  He’s best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the musical acts Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves.  After selling 25 million records and building multiple successful lifestyle and technology companies over the course of 15 years, DeLonge formed To The Stars…, an independent production company and record label that would further his passion for art and storytelling and create multi-media franchises that span music, books and film. His first independent movie, LOVE, received critical acclaim from industry influencers such as Variety, won multiple awards on the festival circuit, and was shown in over 600 theatres across the US in a one-night live event.  The full-length feature was accompanied by an original album and graphic novel for fans to fully immerse in an audio-visual experience. In 2014 DeLonge created To The Stars, Inc., a vertically integrated entertainment company that would develop, manufacture and directly distribute transmedia franchises that aim to inspire a newfound appreciation of the profound, yet unresolved, mysteries involving science and the universe. In 2015, DeLonge and New York Times best-selling author Suzanne Young released Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares (To The Stars/Simon & Schuster), which hit No. 1 on Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Thrillers and Suspense chart and received 5 out 5 stars in Foreword Reviews being hailed as “an epic and sizzling tale of a teen hero struggling to find his destiny. That book was precluded by the animated short film Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, which took home Best Animation at the Toronto International Short Film Festival. Also released was the critically-acclaimed comic book series of the same name and The Dream Walker album, which hit No. 1 on the and featured the single “Tunnels.” Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows followed, the first in a three-volume series of fiction novels co-written by DeLonge and New York Times bestselling author A.J. Hartley (The Darwen Arkwright series). The book, a hard science-fiction thriller based on true events revolving around Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, was guided by a team of top political and military advisors that keep the essential facts and the science behind the events accurate. Next up in the Sekret Machine franchise will be the non-fiction investigative series Gods, Man & War, with Volume 1: Gods set for release on March 7, 2017 nationwide.

About Peter Levenda:

Peter Levenda is a native of the Bronx, New York but has lived or traveled all over the United States and the world in the course of his life, work and research.  As an executive with an American telecommunications manufacturer he was based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for more than seven years.  Before that he was one of the first Americans to do business (successfully) in China.  He has an MA in Religious Studies and Asian Studies from FIU, and speaks a variety of languages (some of them dead).  He was briefly detained at the notorious Nazi sanctuary and interrogation center Colonia Dignidad in Chile, in 1979 during the course of research for Unholy Alliance.  He has appeared in numerous television programs for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and TNT as an expert on Nazi Germany and especially on the extreme religious and esoteric ideas that formed the Nazi worldview.  He has interviewed Nazis, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, occultists, CIA officers, and Islamic terrorists in the course of his research and has visited Chinese prisons and military bases; Buddhist temples; Muslim boarding schools in Indonesia; Russian Orthodox monasteries; mosques in Europe, the United States and Asia; the Palestine Liberation Organization; several voodoo hounforts;  the former KGB headquarters (Dzherzinsky Square) in Moscow; has been held at gunpoint in Latin America, and celebrated with a state dinner in Beijing.  At the age of seventeen he gate-crashed the funeral for assassinated Senator Robert F. Kennedy at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, and led the procession out of the cathedral.  (He graduated high school later that month.) He was a member of the same front organization -- a renegade Ukrainian church in the Bronx -- that provided cover for David Ferrie and Jack Martin (suspected co-conspirators in the JFK assassination).  In addition, he was an auxiliary police officer for the NYPD.  His published work has been praised by Norman Mailer, Jim Hougan, Dick Russell, Whitley Strieber, Katherine Neville, and many others.   He is or was a member of MENSA, of the American Academy of Religion, of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, of the Norman Mailer Society, and the T. E,. Lawrence Society.

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