The Probe Has Arrived!

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The last time a spacecraft of ours visited Jupiter, it was from the years of 1995 and lasted until 2003, when it entered the atmosphere and disintegrated into the vast nothingness that is space. Yesterday while we celebrated our independence, Juno, NASA’s latest expedition to the biggest planet in our solar system, reached Jupiter and successfully began orbiting after a five year journey. Hopefully we will finally get to become familiar with what is under those clouds shrouding the gas giant and find out what really makes it tick. I never really thought about it until now, but reading how Jupiter orbits the sun once every twelve years here finally makes sense of all the weird sci-fi movies “enter celestial body”-years marker for denoting time. I’ll be about two and a third Jupiter years old this month. Another cool thing NASA will be doing is letting the public figure out where the camera should be pointing during its five year stay in orbit. I’m sure you can find more about that here, on NASA’s site.

Spoiler alert, Juno is set to crash in 2018, so future RIP in peace. Much love.

Read CNN’s report on it here.
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