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Cathedrals of Glass Hits Shelves February 21, 2017 - Pre-Order NOW

Posted by Tess Passero on

NY Times Bestselling author of Sekret Machines announces new Young Adult thriller Cathedrals of Glass: A Planet of Blood and Ice, presented by Tom DeLonge

On the heels of the advanced reader hardcovers selling out in 24 hours, To The Stars is excited to reveal more details surrounding our next Young Adult release with NY Times bestselling author AJ Hartley.

February 21st  2017 will mark the release of the first in a trilogy of "smart, gripping and atmospheric" novels in the Cathedrals of Glass saga written by Hartley and presented by Tom DeLonge.

Cathedrals of Glass is the first story I've seen that fuses high-style with a cerebral thrill. A sophisticated tonality. Almost as if Stanley Kubrick came back with a vengeance to entertain young adults, and hopefully give me some pointers in the process..." says DeLonge.

Pre-orders of the trade hardcover that includes a forward from DeLonge are now available on Amazon and To The Stars...

“Deviance is unattractive and jeopardizes all we hold dear…”

Ten teenagers broke behavioral law. Sentenced to be reeducated on the moon of Jerem, they were placed in stasis on the automated ship Phetteron for their six day journey. They never reached their destination.

“Home looks after its own…”

Thrown off course by a computer malfunction, the Phetteron is damaged in an asteroid belt and crash lands on the uninhabited ice planet of Valkrys. Having spent their lives in temperature controlled environments, consuming nutrient supplements, and interacting with people mostly through the infonet, the teens are unprepared to depend on each other to face the harsh, hostile, and hellish landscape. Home will send a rescue party long before their meager supplies run out.  

“No contrary positions are viable…”

Sola was a roamer. She wandered the city after curfew, reveling in the freedom of being disconnected from the techgrid and embracing the joy of physical activity. For those actions, Home declared her deviant. But on Valkrys, her deviance is an asset that may be the teens’ only hope for survival.

As Sola explores their strange new world, she discovers that she and her shipmates are linked by something more frightening than their subversive behaviors—and uncovers a truth about the planet the authorities at Home wanted buried.

Valkrys is not uninhabited. And what lives there is predatory…


Pre-order NOW at Amazon or our web shop!

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