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An Update from AJ Hartley: Signing event news, frenetic scribbling & a brand new book!

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Well, it’s been a frantic start to the year and, with a ton of travel looming, I thought I should pen (as it were) a quick update, because there’s lots going on.

To begin with, I can announce a new adult thriller which will be out next year from Late Union (who are also publishing LIES THAT BIND US in June) which I’m writing under my alter ego, Andrew Hart. The book centers on a young couple who hire a live-in nanny through an online placement service to look after their two young children so that Anna, their mother, can return to work as a literary agent. The nanny, however, is not who she claims to be and she is, at very least, eccentric. As the story builds, so does the suspense, and the threat of terrible things to come becomes all too real. The novel is called THE WOMAN IN OUR HOUSE, and it will be available in the spring of 2019. I’ll post cover art when I have it, but there’s lots of editorial work to go first.

Other projects are also in the editorial stage. Some of you (those who have been badgering relentlessly er… requesting updates for about a year now) will be pleased to hear that the second in the SEKRET MACHINES series, my collaboration with Tom DeLonge, is done and going through its final polishing. The new book, which was mostly drafted last year, picks up where the last left off, though it has quite a different and invigorating feel, I think. It’s always important in the second book of a series to extend and build upon the first while ensuring that the new volume is a distinctly different entity, not just “more of the same.” I’m confident that this one does just that, moving the series into still stranger, more uncanny territory on the edges of what is sometimes called The Phenomenon. The new installment is subtitled A FIRE WITHIN and is scheduled for release this fall. As you may have already seen, Tom and I will soon be doing a joint presentation and signing book 1 in Los Angeles at the end of March. These are always fun events so join us if you can.

Speaking of the balancing act involved in writing second books –or indeed middle books in the case of a trilogy–I’m also finishing the first draft of the second CATHEDRALS OF GLASS book, tentatively titled  VALKRYS WAKES. This one picks up several months after the end of PLANET OF BLOOD AND ICE, beginning when Sola discovers a secret realm to the frozen planet on which she and her friends are stranded, leading to an unexpected reunion with someone she thought lost for ever, and the possibility of an escape from the barren planet. But all is not as it seems on Valkrys, and what happens next will test Sola’s mind as much as the strength and endurance which have kept her alive thus far.

April brings the first of this year’s releases, my YA ghost story COLD BATH STREET, and I’m delighted to be celebrating this one in England. First I’ll be in London under the hallowed roof of Foyles books (April 11th), then at the Waterstones in my home town of Preston (a shop I worked at shortly after it opened!) (April 15th), for special presentations and signings. I’m especially excited about this both because it is (somewhat bizarrely given the fact that some of my books have been published in dozens of languages worldwide) my first release from a British publisher, and because the book is set in the England of my own past, 1978 to be precise. I’m hoping my UK readers will come by. You can check out the details here. Please remember to RSVP for the Foyles event, since there’ll be wine and refreshments  I’ll add links to UK-based interviews and features on this project as they come out.

On the subject of signings and other appearances, you’ll find me in Atlanta at JordanCon (April 20-22) and DragonCon (Aug 30-Sept 3) and at ConCarolinas in Charlotte (June 1-3). Those will feature new editions of my Will Hawthorne fantasy adventures ACT OF WILL and WILL POWER, beautifully produced by Falstaff Books. These were originally released by Tor in 2009 and tell the story of a skeptical young actor who gets badly out of his depth when he is thrust together with a group of principled adventurers. Soon Will is dealing not just with seriously skilled people who want him dead but with things he doesn’t believe in like honor and even magic… I always loved these books because they blend adventure and high fantasy with the kind of snark I rarely get to use in my fiction but which is absolutely part of my personality  Keep an eye open for cover reveals of the new editions soon.

I may add more conventions and other appearances as we get closer to the release of the third STEEPLEJACK book, GUARDIAN, in June. Till then, all the best, and I’ll leave you with this wonderful shot of the daycare facility some of you helped finance in South Africa which is making grater progress. Thank you all! Cheers, AJH.

This update originally appeared on AJ Hartley's website here. Be sure to check out the rest of the site and follow him on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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