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We are very excited about our latest pop-up shop AD ASTRA with exclusive designs from visual artist Matt Mills aka Stock & Render.  Mills has a unique style of visual art that combines 3D renderings of objects with stock images that are then overlayed with cool textures and beautifully colored.  His designs satisfy a To The Stars sweet spot for retro scifi meets vintage rock band packaged in modern design.

"In general the work everyone sees on Instagram could be described as Retro-inspired Geometrically Symmetrical Abstract Art," says Mills. "I want my pieces to have that textural feel to them. Like someone pulled out a dusty album cover from their dad’s collection and took it down to the library and used the color photocopier to print out a copy of it, then took a photo of that copy with their iPhone and posted it to Instagram"

We have decided to call this collection AD ASTRA which is To The Stars in Latin, putting a spin on our new self-titled collection.  This micro-collection includes two designs called Into the Red Sun and Breakdown.  You can order a range of products from ultra soft unisex tees, raglans, women's tanks, ceramic mugs, posters and canvas bags.

This pop-up shop is open May 25th until midnight on May 29th.  All To The Stars digital pop-up shops are print-on-demand for a limited time and we only make what is ordered before the deadline.

Per aspera ad astra.
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