A Brief Taste of Cathedrals of Glass

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"It was called the Phetteron, one of a fleet of identical transports that had been in service at least fifty years. A pilotless drone, equipped with none of the comforts of home, it was little more than a subsectioned metal box with an engine... [It] was a wheezing study of insides. It was bare and practical and almost embarrassingly exposed, a place of braces and cables and long, smeared seams made by welding equipment. It made me think of bones and sinews, like I was inside a living thing..."
Read more in Cathedrals of Glass: A Planet of Blood and Ice by AJ Hartley, presented by Tom DeLonge. In stores now! Get it at  Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and an independent bookstore near you. Or order your copy from us and get a free poster!
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