What Christmas Is Really Like In Space

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Tim Peake, the first British astronaut to visit the Space Station had a little interview clip describing what he would be doing on Christmas whilst in zero gravity. It sounds like it won’t be the most fun just focusing on the mission, but he’ll be able to say he is part of the club that spent the holiday one hundred and fifty five (approximately) miles above the earth. Which amounts to… six people. In the history of humankind.

Here’s a link. Also on the site, there are a couple links to fun videos about things like “what did Tim bring in his suitcase”, a video of what it was like for Tim to spun in a centrifuge during training for the g-force he would face on liftoff and re-entry, and Tim’s training at negative 24 degrees Celsius because space is kind of cold all the time.  Just astronaut stuff.
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