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Halloween Blast-eroid

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If you’re planning on being any incarnation of Bruce Willis this Halloween, forget McClane, lose the Butch Coolidge getup, and the Korben Dallas costume you’re planning on is a cop-out. We need Harry S. Stamper. We need the savior of Earth from Armageddon.

When the night of the 31st rolls around, so will an asteroid measuring one to two thousand feet across. NASA says it’ll miss us by 1.3 lunar distances, which runs out to about 310,000 miles, but it will fly by at an “unusually” high speed.  78,000 miles per hour. Astronomers also just recently found out about it which is even more curious. In comparison, a meteorite that measured 130 feet across FLATTENED 770 square miles of forest.  So basically, this thing would probably ruin a few Halloween parties if it decided to change course.

BUT speaking of parties, we’re hosting one here at the To The Stars shop in Encinitas to celebrate our first Halloween. It’s free and there will be candy and a photo booth and some other cool shit. I mean, if you don’t make it, there’s always the chance it’ll be our first and last one. And my costume “Patrick Swayze’s ghost but as Patrick Swayze from Ghost” would be appropriate because I’d become a ghost too. ANYWAY drop by the shop for fun times. It’ll be a blast-eroid. That was actually really terrible. I’m sorry. I hope I get hit by the asteroid now.

Read more about the asteroid here.

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