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The Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares Enhanced Edition comes with rich multi-media content embedded within the text to give fans a directors cut of the novel including deeper insight into characters, author inspiration and more content from the multi-media universe of Poet Anderson that spans animation, comics, books and music.

Written by award-winning musician, director and producer Tom DeLonge and NYTimes Bestselling author Suzanne Young, Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares tells the story of Jonas Anderson and his older brother Alan who are Lucid Dreamers. After a car accident lands Alan in a coma, Jonas sets out into the Dream World in an attempt to find his brother and wake him up. What he discovers instead is an entire shared consciousness where fear comes to life as a snarling beast called a Night Terror, and a creature named REM is bent on destruction and misery, devouring the souls of the strongest dreamers. With the help of a Dream Walker—a guardian of the dreamscape, Jonas must face his fears, save his brother, and become who he was always meant to be: Poet Anderson.

…Of Nightmares is part of the award-winning and critically acclaimed transmedia project Poet Anderson that spans an animated short film, comic book series, graphic novel and original music by Angels & Airwaves.

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