Back to School with Horrible New Words Added to the Dictionary Like "MacGyver," Bruh

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School is back in session, and with it comes the death of summer, fun, and freedom. But fear not, school doesn’t have to be completely inescapable. MacGyver is a verb now. Finally. Amongst other idiotic droll slang trash added to the Oxford dictionary like “hangry”, “wine-o-clock”, and “pwnage”, the powers that be did my childhood a solid and stuck in "MacGyver." It was always understood, but now it’s in the book. Bruh, I watched infinite episodes of that modern day Da Vinci using spatulas attached to ceiling fans to create the sound of a helicopter air raid, moonshine on fire on top of a train as a deterrent for pursuers, and building airplanes out of tents, bamboo poles and a lawnmower engines. The guy could crawl out of a sealed septic tank completely shit free, smelling like roses with the use of some chewing gum, a leaf of lettuce and a plastic hanger. MacGyver somehow MacGyvered(‘d??) his way into our daily speech, and now it’s FB official. I’m not in school anymore, but I’d sure as hell love to be including that word in my reports.

Here’s more about what else was added to our odd, odd language.

p.s. The slang term “bruh” was included. Bruh.
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