Find Your Soulmate During Paranormal Singles Adventures

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...Or A Chance For Single Paranormal Enthusiasts to Meet Some Real Creepers

It’s a great time to be a paranormal enthusiast searching for love.

The dating game has changed in recent years. Many people prefer the convenience of browsing through profiles on online dating sites, prolonging actual human interaction for as long as possible. Multiple paranormal dating websites have populated in recent months with singles searching for others who share their penchant for all things strange.

But for those old souls who prefer actual physical interaction (I’m not talking about sex. Well . . . not initially anyway . . .) in the form of a good ole antiquated singles mixer, Paranormal Singles Adventures has you covered.

New York’s Ghost Doctors, Pete and Stew Kandel, are NYC licensed tour guides who lead all sorts to spooky paranormal tours, including a NYC UFO tour. And they’ve recently added the Paranormal Singles Adventures to their tour offerings.

“Paranormal Singles Adventures is far more than your average singles get together,” the website explains. “Whether you come by yourself, with a friend or a group of friends you'll jump right into the action during Paranormal Singles Adventures. From real ghost hunting in some of NYC’s most iconic locations to actual out of this world UFO adventures, Paranormal Singles Adventures is non stop fun and action!”

As the description explains, these events incorporate both ghost and UFO hunts. The Ghost Doctors instruct participants on the use of ghost hunting gear and UFO hunting tools like EMF meters, digital cameras, and night vision equipment.

The locations explored are pretty awesome too: Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and more.

So, my frustrated single friends, you’ve tried the normal way. Now try the paranormal way!

If your dating profile inbox is dead, or if you’re creeped out by the freaks who keep harassing you online, consider taking a trip to NYC to “Meet spirited singles with a zest for excitement” on the Paranormal Singles Adventures.

The dates for the Paranormal Singles Adventures have yet to be announced. But check the Ghost Doctors website for updates.

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