Let The "Into The Night" Lyrics and Audio Video Tide You Over Until Sept. 4

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The ...Of Nightmares EP Soundtrack by Angels and Airwaves comes out in just 9 days. In the meantime, learn the lyrics for the recently-released "Into The Night" (BELOW) and watch the audio video here!

"Into the Night" by Angels and Airwaves

I wanna know
I don't want this dream to leave
Where any other dream can rarely go, you know

I'm paralyzed
Holding up a crying child
I rarely ever fall asleep with time, alive

Breathe it in, just follow me right to the end
When the sky grows, you are the first to fall in
If you follow, I'll give you the end of a rope
When the night dies, I'll carry you to the unknown
Into the night we will go

I don't wanna feel
That same old, shitty wasted day
I always ever feel when I am ill

These sterile eyes
Seen every little crack and watched
Those pieces fall from high up in the sky

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