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NASA Dishes Out the Cash to Make Poo into Food

  • Matthew Joaquin

Like Duke Nukem says, “Eat shit and…. live?” NASA is giving a $200,000 grant per year to a research fund aimed at turning human waste into food, nutraceuticals (dietary supplements, vitamins, etc) fertilizers or other supplies to run everything full circle. This is all for the sake of reducing all sorts of problems, mostly those created by the burdens of human refuse due to bodily functions. Eating and pooping.

With all the talks about eventually flying to Mars, this would be revolutionary in such a long spaceflight. It took the rover Curiosity 254 days to get to the Red Planet. I personally feel like I’d be bummed to eat my own poop for even a day of that, but with all the great minds today I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to make it edible, and in turn make living in that small ship a little less crappy.

You can read more about this RIGHT HERE.