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Strange Times Quiz with Surfer and Stuntman Pat Millin

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Pat Millin isn’t afraid to do shit that can kill him. Whether it’s surfing in the wild and rugged ball-shrinking water of Norway or charging the brutal and massive waves of the Mexican Pipeline in Puerto Escondido, Millin risks life and limb with nearly every session. When he’s not surfing, he’s training to be a Hollywood stuntman, the dude is gnarly, but what does he think about being probed by an alien or being chased out of the woods by Bigfoot? Well, read and learn in this episode of Strange Times Q&A with Pat Millin.

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, when and where was your last ghostly experience? 

When I was eighteen I lived in a make shift studio in my friend’s garage. Basically two sheets of drywall on a concrete slab—very small, very cold and very cheap. I remember my ghost experience like it was yesterday. It was a freezing cold night in the middle of Winter and I was having trouble falling asleep. It was the type of sleep where you're half-dreaming/half-awake. It was around 2:00 am when I looked up at my window and saw the shape of a women sitting on the ledge outside. Her body was half way in the room and half out of the room between the sheets of glass. I tried to focus my eyes but couldn't make out her face. It was completely blank. No physical features just the shape of a head with long hair. I began to scream at the top of my longs—“Who the fuck are you!” I screamed that about three times before the shape of the women disappeared. I felt a huge surge of energy go through my body and a tingling sensation throughout. I ran inside of the house to wake my older brother up. I was terrified and filled with excitement at the same time. I was like, HOLY SHIT DUDE! I just saw a ghost. I slept on the couch that night to wake up and realize my aunt had just passed away the night before. I hadn't seen my aunt for about ten years. I came to the conclusion that she was checking up on me to see how I was doing. That experience changed my whole outlook on the spirit world and afterlife.

So you’re afraid of ghosts?

I'm afraid of ghost for sure! I'm afraid because it’s a force that can't be explained and proof that we do have souls.

Do you believe some people have the power to talk to spirits? If you met someone who did who would you have them contact and what would you ask?

Yes, I do believe. I would have them contact my family dog (sweet pea) that passed away when I was eighteen. We weren't there for her when she passed. It still kills me to this day to think about it. I would tell her that I love her and that I think about her all the time.

Do aliens exist? Where? When will we know for sure?

Aliens do exist. Take a good look at the human civilization. We go through life exploring and absorbing planet earth as if we had never been here before. We live in a material world disconnected from Mother Nature. Whenever I see a bird soaring through the skies or a whale gliding through the ocean. It seems that they are one with Mother Nature and have been here all along. When I see a human driving 85mph on the freeway in a manmade machine texting on an iPhone, I really start to think we are aliens that colonized Planet Earth.

Ever seen or know anyone who has seen a UFO?

My uncle that lives in the woods of Montana swears he was abducted by aliens and probed. There's a good chance he was high as a kite but who knows! I believe him.

If you did get abducted, probed, and manipulated by an alien would you tell anyone?

Of course! I'd be all over CNN to get my 15 minutes of fame. Maybe start a clothing company afterwards

Do you believe governments do crazy shady shit that no one knows about but them? What kind of stuff do you think they do? 

I'm huge on government conspiracies. I'll just leave it at that.

Do you believe in Bigfoot? 

Sure! I'm wide open.

Are there any local myths, legends, or ghost stories that scared the shit out of you as a kid?

Chupacabra was a big one that scared the crap out of me. Some creature that feasts on the blood of goats and sometimes humans running around—f—k that! Also the film, It really messed me up as a kid—I wouldn't go near gutters for years.
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