The Government Failed to Collect One of its Deceased Alien-Human Hybrid Agents

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Human Alien Hybrid

What do you do when your alien-human hybrid fiancé (who also happens to work for clandestine government organizations) keels over and dies? Well, apparently you put his body in a car, then go on a road trip with your friends.

At least that’s what Jeffrey Lash’s fiancé did when he died.

Lash died in early July 2015, and investigators are still trying to make sense of what Lash’s fiancé’s employee’s mother describes as “worse than a Twilight Zone movie.”

When a dead guy’s fiancé’s employee’s mother is giving interviews to the press, you know it’s a strange story.

Lash, his fiancé Catherine Nebron, and two of her friends were at a supermarket on July 4 when he felt hot and had trouble breathing. But he wouldn’t go to the hospital or let anyone call 911. He apparently died shortly after. So Nebron and her friends drove to the upscale townhome she shared with Lash in Pacific Palisades, California where she put his body inside one of his SUVs, covered him with a blanket, and then hit the road with her friends and took a trip to Oregon.

Don’t worry. There’s a perfectly logical explanation for Nebron’s bizarre handling of her fiancé’s death.

According to her attorney, Nebron claims that Lash was a secret agent for multiple secret government agencies. And Lash told her that, after he died, these agencies would dispose of his body. That’s why she just left him in an SUV.

But when she returned from Oregon ten days later, Lash’s body was still in the SUV.

Things were probably getting pretty funky inside that SUV after ten L.A. summer days. So, after discussing it with her attorney, she let him call the police.

When authorities arrived, they found a lot more than Lash’s decomposing corpse. They searched his townhouse and were completely shocked when they uncovered machetes, bows and arrows, 1,200 guns, 6.5 tons of ammo, and $230,000 in cash.

California gun cache


Nebron’s attorney, who was also Lash’s attorney, says he has no idea what Lash did for a living, how he afforded his stockpile of weapons, or where all that cash came from.

Police also found eight vehicles registered to Lash. But there are apparently six others that are unaccounted for. And there are several storage lockers rented by Lash that are still unexplored.

One of the friends who went to Oregon with Nebron is Dawn VadBunker, a woman who reportedly used to work for Nebron. VadBunker didn’t tell her friends or family that she was going to Oregon, so, naturally, they reported her missing. Police reportedly found her in Oregon, but she hasn’t contacted her family.

VadBunker’s mom told local media outlet KTLA that her daughter believes Lash was an alien-human hybrid sent to Earth to protect the world.

A story from The Twilight Zone indeed!

Nobody seems to know what Lash did for a living, or if he did anything at all. His attorney says he was a very private man who simply had an excessive fetish for guns. Police don’t think he was involved in any illegal activity. All the guns were registered to Lash.

Lash’s neighbors say they noticed his health deteriorating over the past year and they assumed he was dying from cancer. But he reportedly told his fiancé that his health issues were the result of exposure to nerve-damaging chemicals while he was on a secret mission.

Maybe he did actually work for secret government agencies. That would at least explain how a man with seemingly no income was in possession of more than $5 million worth of guns and modified, combat-ready SUVs. But those agencies really dropped the ball by failing to collect his body from the SUV and cleaning up his stockpile of cash and weapons before the police found them.

It seems odd that a secret super soldier would need more than a thousand guns. It also seems odd that an alien-human hybrid sent here to protect Earth would come here and stockpile a bunch of Earth weapons instead of bringing some badass alien weapons with him. It doesn’t seem like this “protect Earth” plan was well thought out.

Secret government hybrid agent or not, this is one wild story.

What do you make of this made-for-TV drama? Was Lash an alien-human hybrid? Did he work for secret agencies? Was his fiancé really following his instructions by leaving his dead body in an SUV? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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