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Welcome to The Eden Hotel: Gain Access to Advanced Chapters and Book Discussions Inside

  • Alex Repola

The Eden Hotel

We want to formally welcome you to The Eden Hotel, a Poet Anderson...Of Nightmares inspired book club created to engage with readers on personal level. 

The Eden Hotel Book Club is home to advanced chapters of the soon-to-be-released Poet Anderson...Of Nightmares novel from Tom DeLonge's imagination, written by New York Time's Best Selling Author Suzanne Young.

We've created the book club to be an engaging and interactive experience. As you read through the advanced-access chapters, you will see discussion questions posted to interact with other book club members, lucid dreamers, and Poet Anderson lovers. 

If you haven't purchased your Poet Anderson...Of Nightmares Book Bundle yet, you can do so here. To gain access to The Eden Hotel Book Club, you must purchase a book club bundle and the Book Club itself. You can find the Book Club here