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Strange Unexplained Noises Are Baffling Scientists and Freaking People Out

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Strange Booming Sounds

Are those trumpets signaling the entrance of the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Are we experiencing a slow moving alien invasion? Is all hell breaking loose? These are some of the frantic questions being tossed around by people all over the world, most noticeably since 2011, when people began hearing and recording strange “booming” and eerie “trumpet” noises across the planet. 

The Big Booms:

The truth is, the strange booms have been heard around the world for centuries though scientists are still mystified what exactly is causing them. The BBC explains, “In Italian they are called “brontidi” (thunder-like); in Bangladesh they are “Barisal guns”. US citizens call them “skyquakes”, “moodus noises” and in North and South Carolina, “Seneca guns”. The writer Washington Irving even wrote a story about the mystery booms, which he playfully attributed to ghosts playing nine-pin bowling in the mountains.”

According to, there’s a host of possible explanations for these mysterious, window-rattling explosions. Based on research by David Hill, a seismologist and scientist emeritus at the U.S. Geological Survey office published in the journal Seismological Research Letters, they surmise the booms could be caused by:

  • Earthquakes
  • Rock Bursts
  • Mud Volcanoes 
  • Meteors
  • Tsunamis
  • Booming Sands
  • Explosive Venting of Gas (no, not human-produced)
  • Storm-driven Waves or 
  • Distant Thunder

But these are just theories, “What’s going on is an interesting challenge, whatever it might be,” said Hill. 

Notice that Hill did not mention noises from alien spacecraft entering or exiting the atmosphere or pulse detonation airplanes like some conspiracy theorists allege. How boring. Nevertheless, these sounds are continuing to perplex scientists and those witnessing them, even spawning the Twitter hashtag, #omgwereallgoingtodie.

Now, if Irving was right, and ghosts are bowling in the mountains, I’m just going to assume my invitation was lost in the mail. 

The Trumpets from hell:

The trumpet videos, which have sprouted up from the United States, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, and a host of other countries, seem more science-fiction than fact. This led many people to question if some of these videos, or perhaps all, could be hoaxes. Of course, they could be. We live in the age of YouTube and cell phone cameras where anyone could easily overlay the terrible sounds of their kid learning to play trumpet, add a little reverb, and voila, end times video. In fact, many of these videos are hoaxes. 

One chronic debunker on YouTube, a devout Christian who wants to clarify that we’re not entering the end times or about to witness an apocalypse of biblical proportions, put together a little video about these so called trumpet noises. He analyzed the sounds on a handful of the videos and found that, down to a bird in the background, many of them contain the exact same soundtrack. His analysis banks on the clips stealing the audio from this 2008 video taken in Kiev, Ukraine:

While it should come as no shock that people would fabricate this psychotic noise, there are cases out there that are as real as they come. Some of these come with possible rational explanations, but others remain on the mysterious side. The explanations range from mechanical equipment and trains to lightning strikes and construction noise. Then, of course, there are theories of aliens, HAARP weapons, and the apocalypse and the seven trumpets of heaven.  

It’s aliens. 

But, before we decide that the world is about to implode any day now, or be incinerated by a hostile alien takeover, let’s look at some of the scientific theories:

NASA scientists have alleged that the sounds could be the Earth’s “background noise” according to some reports. A spokesperson explained, "If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet.” They further stated that although most people are unaware of this phenomenon, it occurs all the time, and the natural radio emissions are as real as you or I. 

Then there are the geophysical explanations including tectonic plates grinding against each other, much like horny teenagers at a school dance. Others have offered possible explanations of acoustic-gravity waves and solar flare shock waves. So, if these are indeed the source of all the mischief, why are headlines continuing to link onto this strangeness? Because these are just the possibilities and no one has come to a definitive conclusion of what exactly, is going on. 

If indeed, this evil cacophony has a natural and scientific source, why have they increased so much in the past ten years? Might it just be that media coverage was lacking, and cell phone cameras weren’t as commonplace? Or could this be an increasing result of climate change as some surmise? Either way, enjoy the freaky symphony if you’re witness to it. 

If you’ve heard these sounds or have a theory on their origin, make sure to tell us so in the comments below. 

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