4 Locations of Secret Underground Bases Where Strange Shit is Occurring

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There are reports of alleged secret underground bases located across the country where top secret projects, and some feel, reverse engineering of alien technology is occurring. There are no shortages of theories flooding the internet so the best way to dive into this is to investigate yourself. Here are four alleged bases and their reported locations. 

1. Dulce, New Mexico

In this small town of New Mexico lies a huge secret . . . allegedly. According to some this town is the home to an underground base that held the largest human-alien war. It’s one of the craziest stories I’ve heard in my 8+ years as a full-time UFO journalist. That’s putting it lightly. 

The base was first mentioned by Paul Bennewitz, which some might know for his claims that he was receiving transmissions from aliens in 1979. After his claims, John Lear also attested that he had information to confirm the existence of this base. But then comes the more, how shall I put this, extreme claim.

Phil Schnieder was a government geologist and skunk works engineer who claims to have worked on many black budget projects. He alleges that since 1947 deep underground military bases or DUMBs have been constructed across the country connected by a series of high-speed rail underground tunnels. By 1997, he estimated the number to be at 1,477 DUMBs. It was at the Dulce location that he accidentally stumbled on a cavern filled with hostile, subterranean grey aliens. This was the event that spurred the “Dulce Wars” and allegedly left 66 humans dead, and Schnieder badly injured. A secret alien/human war that was happening right under New Mexico’s feet. 

Schnieder died in 1996 with a catheter wrapped around his neck, consider yourself lucky that you, unlike me, have not been subjected to those gruesome death and autopsy photos. You can’t get that part of you back. His death spawned conspiracy rumors that someone was trying to shut him up after he began sharing his claims on the UFO talking circuit. 

Whether you believe his claims or not, it would be an interesting investigative trip. The area is also full of reports by police officers and other researchers involving cattle mutilations and scores of other strange phenomena. 

Looking for the entrance? The base is said to be located under the Archuleta Mesa just outside of town. For more information on the alleged location, you can watch this video from Dulce researcher Norio Hayakawa.

2.    Sedona & Jerome, Arizona

The tranquility and beauty of the red rocks of Sedona bring throngs of tourists to its town each year. The rest of the people flocking to this region of Arizona are coming for a far less tranquil thing . . . Paranormal phenomena. Home to some of the highest reported numbers of UFO sightings, ghosts, military activity, and vortices in the country, this area of Arizona is a hotbed for researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Jerome, which is the most vertical ghost town in the United States looks down upon an old cement factory where very few trucks are seen leaving. This plant, some surmise is the entrance to an underground base which expands underneath the Sedona area. There are some claims of military abductions of individuals with extraterrestrial ties that connect the cement plant to other areas in Sedona and a grisly history of an alien-military partnership.

Many of the areas reported to have military activity in the Sedona area are on popular hiking trails. People report being stopped by gunpoint and told to turn around. Then there is Bradshaw Ranch, the property once home to a plethora of reported ghostly, monstrous phenomena was purchased by the US government. Specifically, the U.S. Forest Service bought the land in order to protect historical buildings on the property. Some people aren’t buying it and think it's an attempt to cover-up strange activity and perhaps, secret military bases where alien technology might be housed. 

If you decide to visit this area, you won’t regret it. Jerome and Sedona alike are pretty spectacular places, but just ask any local and they’ll point you in the direction of someone willing to share their stories and theories on UFOs and their attraction to the area.  

How to get to these spots from Phoenix:


3. Denver International Airport

Anyone who has traveled through Denver International Airport (DIA) knows just how weird of a place it is. It first opened in 1995, a year after scheduled, and reportedly $2 billion over budget. That’s enough to raise anyone’s eyebrows. 

There were five buildings that were built incorrectly and instead of destroying them, they buried them. This, along with a reported expansive tunnel system under the airport and possible ties to a New World Airport Commission, Freemasonry, and a score of other connections has sent people reeling. Conspiracy theorists believe that this is most likely the headquarters for a New World Order, a secret base, or our very own, American Government. 

The weirdest and most visible elements of strange are the massive “Blue Mustang” sculpture, a 32-foot tall, 9000-pound horse with glowing red eyes. There are also countless murals within DIA that give clues to its mysterious origin. 

I shouldn’t have to tell you how to get here. If I do, you probably shouldn’t go. 

4.  Area 51 - S4

We already have confirmed proof that this military base, originally outed by alleged former employee, Bob Lazar, exists.  

In 1989, Lazar came forward with claims that he worked on reverse-engineering alien technology at a secret location known as S-4, built into the mountainside just outside of the main military playground of Area 51. 

While the government finally acknowledge the base and the name in 2013, there has been no confirmation of an area known as S-4. This is possibly one of the most debated claims in UFO history. It’s too complicated of a story to go into for our purposes, but there is a recent documentary worth watching by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, entitled: Lazar.

Some theories assert that the alien bodies found at Roswell, New Mexico, including one still breathing, were brought to this facility to undergo testing and observation. Whether or not this location is truly the site of an alien cover-up, or whether it simply houses black budget projects of the terrestrial variety is up for debate. 

If you decide to venture to the most notorious, once-secret, military base in the Country, there are plenty of kitschy alien-themed goods along the way. First off, you have to travel down the Extraterrestrial Highway, which leads to not only the base, but the Little Al’e’Inn, and the famed black mailbox (which is now white). Constant testing occurs in the area, so you’re almost guaranteed to see strange lights in the night sky, it’s up to you to decide on whether they are terrestrial, or from somewhere unknown. 

Getting to Area 51 from the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas (where we assume you went to the Myth or Reality exhibit to study up before your adventure):

The road to the back gate lies on HWY 375 between mile marker 12 and 11; it’s the only road you’ll hit here. Turn left and about 8-miles down, you’ll hit the back gate. Words of caution here, stay 10-20 feet away from the gate and don’t take pictures of the guards. If you don’t follow their guidelines, don’t be surprised if you find yourself face down on the ground in handcuffs.  

Go forth and report back:

The point is, there are quite a few strange things going on around the country, many in these locations of known, or alleged secret bases. If you’re planning on doing some stake-outs or research into strange phenomena occurring in these locations, by all means, share your findings. But while you’re gathering your evidence, remember your gear, take good notes, don’t be a dick, and if you trespass and get caught, don’t blame us — we warned you. 

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