Space, Rockets, and Pure Sexiness: The Dunes Tee is a True Hit

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Tom DeLonge To The Stars Dunes Tee

The To The Stars Dunes Tee has a little bit of everything in it: Space, rockets, and the California sand. 

It is one of the many designs by Art Director Goran Filipovic who finds inspiration from a number of things. On a recent walk through downtown Encinitas, Filipovic, originally from Sweden, shared some of his inspiration for the Dunes Tee design:

"I was driving through the Arizona desert that inspired me and just mixing the thought of space, rockets and our logo with desert and sand. Loving how the colors of the desert-sand and the blue sky mixes together to form a beautiful expression of the dunes."

This shirt has been a hit in it's short life of existence. Tom was the first to show the world the Dunes Tee and it's been flying off the shelf ever since. 

Swing by our retail store off the historical Highway 101 in Encinitas or grab it online here. We've got men's a women's styles available, while supplies last. 

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