5 Songs About Bigfoot: Total Garbage or Bad Ass?

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5 Songs About Bigfoot

There are plenty of good songs about aliens. We listed a few of them last month … see 5 Songs That Are Just Fucking Weird. Well, it wasn't much more difficult to find Bigfoot songs, but we did, ‘cause we’re fucking scientists, okay. Here are our five favorite songs about Bigfoot and one song by a guy named, Bigfoot.


Buddy Knox “Bigfoot Song”

This song is actually pretty tight. It sounds like an old ass Woodie Guthrie song and that’s a good thing ‘cause old-timey songs feel and sound like they could be re-tellings of old true tales. The best line is, “ … He ran across to a huge, very huge footprint, and this is where the hunt, for the bigfoot man began … “ You could pretty much tell me anything in a sing/song old-timey style and I’ll believe you, so after listening to this song, I’m a Bigfoot believer.

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The Weakerthans: “Bigfoot”

This is a nice little song that’s called Bigfoot, but in listening to it, I don’t really hear anything that refers directly to Bigfoot other than a line eluding to belief in something? I wish someone would just make a song like this with a direct and to the point lyric that says, “Bigfoot dragged me out my tent/held me upside down naked in the forest/I saw bigfoots dick.” I mean, if those aren’t lyrics to a hit song I don’t know what would be. C’mon, Bieber, sing that shit!

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David Lennon Jackson: “Finding Bigfoot: Song For Squatch”

This was obviously recorded in the bedroom of a true Bigfoot believer and it’s hard to pinpoint if it’s cute and heartwarming, or sketchy and terrifying. If this song were about a famous Hollywood movie starlet, this person would be arrested immediately for stalkerish tendencies (think Silence Of The Lambs). But, since it’s about Bigfoot AKA Sasquatch, it’s, uh, still sketchy, but a little bit less cause it’s about a mythical creature.

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Tenacious D:Sasquatch And The Trippy Mushrooms”

“Bigfoot is my father and he’s got to protect me!” Who doesn’t love Tenacious D? I know I do. This is kinda half song half skit, bit all awesome. The description is, “Scene from Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny where Jack Black goes on an adventure with Sasquatch. Great band. Great flick. Check it out.” And yeah, that pretty much says it all so there’s no real sense in me writing any more about it, just watch and learn.

Sons Of Butcher “Bigfoot Rap”

This “song” is only: 21 seconds long, but it’s awesome and I’m shocked that this little ditty didn’t win a Grammy or at least an American Music Award. I think the first line is, “My dubious dreams of sasquatch bling be fading fast as I sit on my ring sting.”—Absolute perfection in songwriting.

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Bigfoot “Devil’s Rejects”

This song is not about Bigfoot; it’s about murder, anarchy, and all sorts of sketchy business. Australian horror-core rapper, Bigfoot spits raps with an Australian accent and says shit like, “ … this is bigfoot season/I stay drunk and see demons.” This song features lots of cussing and lots of descriptions of evil imagery. If you have a young child standing next to you right now, might want to put those earmuffs on before you blast this track. I like it, this is a great song to do chores to, I found myself humming along to this song while making the bed the other day, “I getin' even sukka/I just wanna see you suffer.” … cute.

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