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5 Haunted Bathrooms That Might Make You Shit Your Pants

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Bathrooms are already less-than-pleasant spaces to spend more time than is absolutely necessary. Some bathrooms are pretty scary, especially public restrooms (Have you been to a concert or a sporting event recently?). There are so many things to watch out for in the disgusting department when you enter a bathroom. But you might need to watch out for ghosts too, because, according to some accounts, there are weird spirits out there who prefer to linger longer in bathrooms than the stink of the person who used the toilet before you.

Here are five cases of alleged bathroom hauntings:

1. Bordanagar Government Primary School – Pabna, Bangladesh

An eleven-year-old student fell sick after using a toilet on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at the Bordanagar Government Primary School in the town of Pabna in Bangladesh.

She died the next day.

According to the school’s headmaster, other students started getting sick after that. Approximately eight to ten students who either used that toilet, or went near the toilet, fell sick.

There was already a legend at the school about a ghost who resided in a nearby palm tree. So, after the student died and kids started getting sick from using the toilet, people started freaking out, believing that the palm tree ghost had taken up residence in the toilet. The ghost panic spread, and students stopped coming to school, so officials pulled a Jon Taffer and shut it down.

They held a religious ceremony to flush the toilet ghost. And it apparently worked because there haven’t been any additional reported occurrences of kids getting sick after using the formerly haunted toilet.

2. Garment factory – Gazipur, Bangladesh

A female worker got sick in 2013 after using the restroom at a garment factory in the city of Gazipur in Bangladesh. She didn’t see anything spooky while doing her business. But she still accused a ghost of attacking her and giving her an illness.

Reports from other workers started pouring in of infections courtesy of the toilet ghosts. And these reports weren’t limited to just one factory. Hundreds of workers at other garment factories in the area were reporting toilet hauntings too. The terrified workers demanded that management take action against the ghosts. People went nuts and started rioting and demolishing the factory restrooms. Factory managers finally addressed their haunted toilet problems and held religious ceremonies to remove the ghosts.

3. Sơn Hòa Ethnic Boarding High School - Sơn Hòa, Vietnam

A student at the Sơn Hòa Ethnic Boarding High School in the Sơn Hòa district of Vietnam was hysterical when he returned to his dorm one night in 2011 after using the restroom. He was babbling incoherently, and he fell to the floor and started scratching the walls. Then he passed out.

School authorities rushed the student to the hospital. When he regained consciousness, he told doctors that he had encountered a ghost in the restroom at the school.

Later, twelve others at the school displayed similar bizarre behavior and lost consciousness. And these events always happened between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

School officials refused to believe that the restroom was haunted. But some students were flipping out about the bathroom ghost so much that they moved out of the dorms and into apartments. And some even refused to go to the restroom alone at night because they feared they would encounter the ghost.

4. Frodsham Street public toilets – Chester, England

The male public toilets on Frodsham Street in the Cheshire city of Chester in England are reportedly haunted. Witnesses who have seen this disturbing specter believe it to be the ghost of a young man who committed suicide inside or near the restroom.

He is described as a pale, vivacious young lad in his late teens or early twenties, dressed in garb from the ‘50s or ‘60s.

He sounds pleasant enough, right?

Well, this ghost, nicknamed Tom, appears suddenly, which obviously freaks guys out who are busy relieving themselves. But it gets even creepier. Tom holds a razor blade and he has slashed wrists that gush blood all over the floor.

The toilets were refurbished in 2011. But that somehow made things worse because, since the refurbishment, Tom sightings have reportedly intensified.

5. Galvez Hotel - Galveston, TX

An unknown spirit haunts the ladies’ restroom in the lobby of the Galvez Hotel in Galveston, Texas.  Guests and hotel staff have experienced all kinds of spooky activity in this restroom. Unexplained shadows move across the floor, toilets flush by themselves, sinks turn on by themselves, stall doors violently shake, and mysterious voices are heard. You know, the usual ghost stuff.

There’s a ghost in the hotel spa’s restroom too. Employees have reported that the toilet in that restroom also likes to flush itself repeatedly. And, sometimes, the flushing is accompanied by the sound of children laughing.

I’m sure most people have been in a public restroom when a toilet randomly flushes on its own. It’s almost expected, thanks to the less-than-perfect sensors on the self-flushing mechanisms. And maybe it’s toxic mold, not ghosts, causing all these people to get sick from toilets.

But who knows?

There are countless tales of strange happenings in restrooms. The only potential ghostly encounter I’ve ever experienced took place in the bathroom. I vividly remember sitting on the toilet, swinging my little four-year-old legs, as I sang a happy little tune. I was jolted by an unearthly voice that seemingly originated from the ceiling exhaust fan.

“Wipe your butt and get out of here!” the voice commanded.

I failed to comply. I fled that bathroom as quickly as I could, trying not to trip over my still-dropped pants. I screamed for help, then recounted the incident to my dad. He raced outside, assuming some weirdo was on the roof playing a trick on me. But nobody was there.

That’s a pretty crappy ghost story, I know.

The bare bottom line is that there are so many accounts of ghostly activity in restrooms around the world. As with all paranormal activity, most have very logical explanations. But, the activities in some restrooms are so completely bizarre and terrifying that you might want to think about expediting your bathroom business, just to be on the safe side.

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