Paranormal Dating Website: Where Being Into Strange Stuff is Encouraged

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Paranormal Dating site

The chances that paranormal enthusiasts will find things that go bump in the night just improved, thanks to a new dating website.

George Noory, host of the popular nationally syndicated fringe radio program Coast to Coast AM, recently launched

“I did it because of my listeners,” Noory explains in a promotional video. He continues, “They would come up to me at various speaking engagements all around the country, and they come up and say, ‘Hey George, we wanna meet people of like minds—people who are into science, ghosts, UFOs, alternative medicine, conspiracies—we wanna meet people like that. We might even want to date them. But we have no place to go.’ So I went, ‘Hmm. That’s what I’ll put together.’”

Noory created the site with long-time friend and colleague, Mark Rollings.

“We saw that this is a large, untapped market, and with George's special connection to his audience it was a natural progression from his radio show and personal appearances,” Rollings explains in a press release. He adds, “So many people hunger to share their experiences with the paranormal, unexplainable or the afterlife, and this is one more source for them to meet and share that common interest.”

Although this site comes on the heels of the launch of mentalist The Amazing Kreskin’s Supernatural Dating Society, and although there are already plenty of paranormal-focused dating sites, the guys behind aren’t worried about the competition because they have a secret weapon—George.

“Our founder is undoubtedly one of the foremost authorities on the subject matters that are of interest to members of,” Rollings explains.  

Before the site officially launched on June 3, the company invited charter members to join at a discounted rate. When I checked out the site on June 2, there were already 35,000 members registered. One day after the official launch, that number jumped to more than 400,000. It seems like the site might have more than a few fake accounts (or maybe ghosts are getting in on the action?), especially since posted on their Facebook page, “Welcome to the 1000+ new members who joined Paranormal Date the first day. You are not alone! Thanks for joining our world!” Technically, 365,000 is more than 1,000. But it’s strange that the company would chose to say “1,000+” instead of the more accurate and impressive “300,000+” if those accounts belong to actual people who signed up for the service.

But 400,000 members on the first day is believable, given that Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 600 radio stations around the country and has a reported weekly audience of three million listeners.

Unlike other dating sites that operate with a simple monthly subscription fee, uses the “freemium” model—You can create an account for free, which lets you browse profiles. But you have to pay to upgrade your account to enable any sort of communication with other members. The promo code “George” will score you a 50% discount though.

It’s good that services like this exist because there is definitely a market for it. Sites like will hopefully make it obvious to people browsing profiles that a comment about being “into strange stuff” is actually referring to paranormal interests, and not revealing a fondness for kinky sex (although the two are not mutually exclusive . . .).

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