Bigfoot, Ghosts and UFOs: A Strange Times Q & A with Surfer Parker Coffin

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Santa Barbra Surfer Parker Coffin

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, 20 year old, Parker Coffin is a young surfer with a huge future. He’s already proven himself in waves of consequence like Pipeline and Tahiti’s blood-thirsty death slab of a wave, Teahupoʻo. On top of his big wave exploits, Parker has been winning contests all over the world, filming for his website as well as getting featured in surf magazines. We know Parker rips shit up in the water, but what goes on in his brain when it comes to alien abductions, Bigfoot belief, and sketchy spiritual encounters?

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, when and where was your last ghostly experience?

Yea totally. I don't know if I would call them "ghosts" but I definitely believe in spirits and stuff. My last spirit encounter was this night in Hawaii hiking through the Heau or however you spell it. It is an ancient burial ground. I could just feel this intense energy around the whole area. It was actually pretty cool, the spirits there felt like they had good energy.  

If not, why not?

Everybody knows ghosts are real.

If so, are you afraid of ghosts? Why?

I don't really fear ghosts or spirits; instead I try to embrace them. Maybe they just came back to teach us a lesson or something you never know. 

Surfer Park CoffinDo you believe some people have the power to talk to spirits? If you met someone who did who would you have them contact and what would you ask?

Absolutely. I would just ask them for guidance throughout life. 


Do aliens exist? Where? When will we know for sure?

I find it very hard to believe that the humans are the only species in the whole galaxy. I definitely think that somewhere has life forms 

Ever seen or know anyone who has seen a UFO?

A few not so reliable sources try to claim it to me haha 

If you did get abducted, probed, and manipulated by an alien would you tell anyone?

For sure!! 

Do you believe governments do crazy shady shit that no one knows about but them? What kind of stuff do you think they do?

Who knows... I am sure they cover some stuff up but I have no clue what 

Do you believe in Bigfoot? 

I don't really pay attention to the big foot stories. Bears are pretty much Bigfoot if you ask me 

Are there any local myths, legends, or ghost stories that scared the shit out of you as a kid?

When I was a kid on Tavarua they used to tell me all these crazy ghost stories to scare me. When I was walking home at night everybody would hide behind the bushes and throw coconuts at me and make scary sounds. I was scared shitless it was pretty awesome 

Surfer Parker Coffin

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