Floating Orb at U.S. Space Walk Hall of Fame Museum: UFO Experts Discuss

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A security camera at the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum in Titusville, Florida recorded footage of a strange orb floating around inside the museum on the morning of Tuesday, May 12.

The museum posted the video to its YouTube channel with the sensational title, “Ghost? Alien visitor? Curious object spotted in space museum.” This video shows a weird single orb enter the camera’s field of view, cruise around the room for a few seconds, then it disappears.

And this isn’t the first time a camera has captured the same (or similar) orb there. Museum cameras recorded the same phenomenon twice in the same week. 

The orb in the video looks pretty bizarre and, naturally, has some believing it must be extraterrestrial in origin, or proof of ghost activity in the museum. But someone who has spent countless hours looking at security camera footage thinks he knows the identity of this weird looking orb.

Ben Hansen was the lead investigator on the Syfy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. On the show, he and his team investigated all sorts of paranormal activity and conducted experiments to see if they could recreate events captured in photos or on video to determine if these events had possible non-paranormal explanations.

Because of his experience with this type of thing, Huffington Post journalist Lee Speigel asked Hansen for his expert opinion about the orb in the museum.

“It's probably dust that got caught in an updraft,” Hansen suggests.

Although representatives at the museum say the air conditioning was turned off during the instances when the orb was recorded, Hansen notes that “it doesn't take much of an air current to move a speck of dust.”

The museum also says that the lights were off when the orb was recorded, which makes it more likely the object is just dust. “When it's close to the camera and you're filming with illuminated light—in this case, an infrared LED I'm guessing is near the lens—it's the perfect condition for catching dust orbs,” Hansen explains.

I’ve also seen this type of thing on footage recorded by security cameras. I used to have a camera set up so I could check on my dogs during the day. There were always strange looking orbs moving up, down, and all around the room. I guess my house could have been haunted. But it was also pretty dusty.

Museum president Charlie Mars tells Orlando’s CBS affiliate WKMG, “We can't explain it. Nor can the fellow who put in the [surveillance] system for us.” He adds, “We love having something come in unexplainable. It gives us a chance to interchange with each other and talk about what it could possibly be.” 

He also reveals, “We have had a number of things like that that have occurred in the past 10 or 12 years that we don't have an explanation for.”

So, although a dust particle is a plausible explanation for the object captured by the museum’s security camera, many, including museum staff, are sticking with the idea that the museum’s 100-year-old building is haunted.

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