Do You Fear Space-Based Weaponry? Move to Richmond, California

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Richmond California Space Weapons

Conspiracy theorists are calling on Richmond, CA for help.

The phones at the Police station in Richmond, California are ringing off the hook these days, But not for the reason you might think. Could it be because of an increased level of crime? Some major accident? Wrong number? Nope, people from all around the world, are calling the small city in California to seek protection from space-based weapons.

Space-based weaponry is not just lasers shooting down from satellites, turning people into toasty crisps on the spot, it also includes alleged military technologies. We’re talking chemtrails, low or ultra high-frequency energy radiation, mind control, plasmas, and particle beams. And there is a surprisingly large amount of people who feel that they're specifically targeted by the government or other secret forces, whatever the purpose may be. Many think it is their knowledge of alien civilizations, others think it’s because they’ve stumbled upon some other military secrets, and for some, well, some of them are just damn crazy, but that’s a given.

This increased activity is resulting from a May 19th City Council meeting in which a resolution that supports the Space Preservation Act and Space Preservation Treaty passed 5-2. Essentially, it was an effort to permanently ban the use of space-based weapons and microchip implants in the city of Richmond.

This action first developed in 2014 when the Richmond Capt. of Police Mark Gagan asked City Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles, who has a background in mental health, to address the subject from citizens who felt they were being targeted. In an effort to “make all residents feel safe,” she decided to write the resolution.

Gagan remarked that it was amazing how thrilled people were that someone was finally starting to listen to them. “There are people who have a huge amount of stress, anxiety, and fear. These issues have public safety implications no matter how far-fetched they seem.”

The powers that be in the city of Richmond just think they’re all a bunch of mentally ill wackos. In a statement released by police Chief Chris Magnus he said, “Richmond now seems to be known as the ‘resource or helpers’ for folks from many states with a myriad of mental health and other problems.”

While the city has developed the fear that this will be a black mark on their image to the media, they also have dollar signs on their minds as well. They’ve already got it in their heads to transform this into some tourist trap thinking: if the bland deserts of Nevada can do it with the Extraterrestrial Highway, then so can we.

The Vice Mayor and a few others already regret the resolution passing, ”It has become clear in the past two weeks that this resolution is being used by some to validate very dangerous conspiracy theories that may be having a real negative impact on the lives of people with serious mental illness and those around them.”

I’m sure some harboring an intense fear that their being targeted have already packed their bags and put their houses on the market, bound for a town they feel will serve as their bomb shelter. The resolution has no merit as if government agencies wanted to use secret technology against the residents of one California town; they’re going to do what they damn well please.

If you’ve got the crushing feeling that you’re being targeted by such weapons, my advice to you? Don't go calling on Richmond. Gagan told CBS News their actions for such calls: “We try to refocus the conversation, and if they are local, get them into a managed program of medication and supervision.” It sounds like a bigger government conspiracy to compile all the secret government targets into one place to make them more easily manageable.

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