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Punk Rock Surfer, Artist, Businessman & Musician: The Strange Times Questionnaire with Ozzie Wright

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Surfer, Artist and Musician Ozzie Wright

Ozzie Wright is a legendary modern era punk rock surfer, artist, businessman, and musician from Sydney, Australia who is known for revolutionizing surfing with a high-speed skate-style approach. He’s been in a million videos, his band, The Goon Of Doom have played shows all over the world, his paintings are sought after by collectors, he’s an all around awesome human with a heart of gold, but—is he a believer? Ozzie Wright is a legendary modern era punk rock surfer; we gave him the Strange Times Questionnaire at his home on the beach in Sydney. 


Do you believe in ghosts? 

Yes. I believe in anything that believes in itself and even things that hate themselves. I might believe in self-loathers even more than self-lovers.

If so, when and where was your last ghostly experience?

I don't know. My memory is fucked because in our band we play such loud shitty music that I have sore ears and I think your hearing is connected to your memory. Anyway, I do know that a lot of good friends of mine have recently deceased to live in human form, so really hope they are existing in some spirit ghostly type dimension—not a scary place, like where you need an accountant or anything, but more like a rad place where you can fly and the waves are always perfect and there is no such thing as sickness.

So you’re not afraid of ghosts?  


Why not?  

Because ghosts are invisible and they can't even pick up a rock to throw at you. A ghost hand would just pass through the rock—everyone knows that.

Do you believe some people have the power to talk to spirits? 

Yes, I believe in all that stuff—people are amazing!

If you met someone who did, who would you have them contact and what would you ask?

I'd contact my Father and just catch up and talk about adult things that we never got to talk about while he was around.

Do aliens exist?

Of course they must … I think.


Planet Zorb

When will we know for sure?

Probably never.

Ever seen or know anyone who has seen a UFO?

Yep, in Santa Cruz, I met a lot of people who have seen UFO's.

Are UFOs more of a USA thing or do Australians see them too?

We get a few in the desert.

Do you think kangaroos ever get abducted?

For sure, sometimes they jump so high they land in a tractor beam and whoosh sucked into another dimension through a black wormhole.


Just ‘cause they jumped too high mainly, but also because they are marsupials and aliens are into doing research on those marsupials

If you did get abducted, probed, and manipulated by an alien would you tell anyone?

I'd probably tell strangers at the pub in the desert in Australia or anyone who lived in Santa Cruz.

Do you believe governments do crazy shady shit that no one knows about but them? 

Most definitely—mainly just stealing money and oil.

Do you believe in Bigfoot? 

I love Bigfoot—he has the biggest feet, it’s incredible. 

Does Australia have it's own Bigfoot?

We have the Yagen Monster. He lives about three and a half hours drive North of Sydney at a quiet beach called, Yagen.



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