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BILLBOARD: Blink-182 Expat Tom DeLonge Shares Really Good Unheard Song 'New World'

  • Kari D

Just weeks after Blink-182 chose to move on and play live without Tom DeLonge, the guitarist-singer-songwriter announced plans to release "demos, odds. and ends" via a new album titled To the Stars… Today (March 10), he shared the first track off that album, a high octane rocker called "New World."

From walking out on Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus, to his extraterrestrial musings to Paper, to the way he's walking around a city at night with a guitar over his shoulder in that lyric video, it's been easy to poke fun at Tom lately. But this song is pretty good! So far, we've received no word as to whether or not this was written with the rest of Blink (it sounds like it could have been on 2011's Neighborhoods), but that sounds like Travis Barker's drumming to us. And if it's not, we just paid another drummer a big compliment.

To the Stars... drops April 20.