TRILLIONS (yes, trillions) of Possible Alien Civilizations?!?

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Speaking most frankly, the idea of anyone truly believing that we’re the only form of life in the entire universe is mind numbing and straight up “I’m literally living under a rock and eat dirt for sustenance, for I am a worm” kind of thought process. In this new study coinciding with the recent planets discovered by NASA, scientists have discerned that the number of planets orbiting stars within a habitable distance, LIKE EARTH, is staggering. Click here for a little interactive site that gives a roundabout way to figuring out if we are the only advanced civilization within certain distances (hint: WE PROBABLY AREN’T). If I ever think to myself that we are some sort of special creation the universe luckily farted out, I first think about the ocean and how scary and not okay the creatures look down there. After that, I think about studies like these where the scientists and researchers, while some may be seemingly crazy yahoos hellbent on proving extraterrestrial life- all of them are more than qualified and literal geniuses in their fields, and near-brainless peons like myself would do best to just keep my head open.

Clicky here for the whole thingy.
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