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Lizards Dream Just Like Us...CNN Says

  • Matthew Joaquin

Our reptilian overlords need their 8 hours just the same as we do. Scientists have found out reptiles go through the same sleep stages like humans do, and maybe even have dreams. Lately I’ve been thinking about what animal dreams consist of due to nights of watching my dog shuffle, twitch, suckle like a puppy, or woof in his deep sleep. I figure he’s dreaming of escaping his confines when we leave for work for the day or being in a room of infinite blueberry treats (they have actual dried blueberries and smell exactly like blueberry concentrate. they do not taste incredibly like them to the human palate tbh.) Anyway, I bet lizards dream about stuff like becoming dinosaurs one day, or maybe even extras/stunt doubles for the dragons in Game of Thrones. I figure everyone dreams those same dreams, little lizards.

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