Disney in Space???

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Bigelow Aerospace wants to send all of us up for a space vacation. Perhaps not so much into the great unknown and more of a low orbit, but in space nonetheless. United Launch Alliance, the team up of Boeing and Lockheed, is the other half of the brains and brawn of the operation. The habitat, called BEAM (Bigelow Expandable Activity Module) was sent up by SpaceX to resupply the ISS, and they’re leaving it there for a couple of years to see how it weathers. In the announcement laying out details for later, larger habitats to be sent up, Bigelow put forth ideas dealing with tourism in space, as well as naming and leasing rights for business to commercialize. He mentioned Disney in particular, saying that he’d love to see Disney have a space station. Now I don’t know if you’re as much of a Disney freak as I am, but I’d be first in line to get that add-on to my annual pass that gets me up to a Disney themed space station in actual fucking space. Especially now that they own Star Wars….

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